Japanese Websites for Quick Learning


What’s some Japanese-Learning websites that are easy to just waste some time on every day?

I don’t mean websites for serious study or in-depth grammar explanation like Tae Kim or Imabi but sites that you can just work on for 10 minutes between tasks or while procrastinating on something else.

Other than Wanikani/Kaniwani/Bunpro, I like to go on Supernative.tv to practice listening and do some conjugation drills on Don's Japanese Conjugation Drill. When I’m bored I go on Gou Ninja! to practice listening numbers…

Little sites like those.


Thanks for the supernative recommendation! I just tried it and it seems like a fun way to practice listening. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice list. Although when I tried out gou ninja I found that it wasn’t allowing me to input units after the number at all. Whatever typing I did after the number resulted in no output at all.

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