Japanese to Spanish Resources

Does anyone have any great kana and kanji and grammar resources that are Spanish to Japanese rather than made for teaching English speakers? My friend is not a native English speaker but speaks Spanish natively. Something like WaniKani or RTK or a Kani mnemonic resource but for Spanish speakers.

It would be of course easiest to do a Spanish search in google.

Off the top of my head and not speaking Spanish myself to do the searching, your friend can check if some of these Memrise courses are any good (scroll further down the page to see them)

RTK is in spanish as well, it’s called Kanji para recordar. Probably not many editions as the english version but still, almost the same. (the Kana version is also available in spanish).

Other than that, there’s Kira Sensei, a spanish guy living in Osaka, who setted up a youtube channel where he walks you through the the lessons in the MNH series, it’s a very nice resource to start actually. He also goes through the first volumes of the Kanken series for kanji (though personally I think you’re better of with RTK).

Sadly in the subs department there’s nothing like kitsunekko that I’m aware. But in any case I think going through MNH and RTK should put anyone in a sufficient solid ground to start with graded readers and eventually native content after that. So I think english won’t be missed much (if not for the forums showing and commenting on new resources for learning). :man_shrugging:

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