Japanese Text, English audio in games for practice

I mentioned in another thread, that I was playing Persona 5 with English audio, because I just don’t understand the spoken Japanese…

That made me think of something that’s possible in the Switch, for example with the game Tales of Vesperia. If I put the system to Japanese I can play with Japanese text, but still have access to the English voices.

My idea was maybe having a chance to make out sentences, with the translation flying by. And just getting comfortable with the Japanese menus.

Has anybody ever tried this?


I can’t speak to Persona 5 specifically, but I would take care using the English audio as a way to try to figure out the Japanese text as games dub are often not based exactly on the Japanese and many times have completely rewritten dialogue that has no relation to the original Japanese at all.

Fair point, but the same is true in reverse and I can’t handle full Japanese in games like these.

It’s about Tales of Vesperia though, Persona 5 doesn’t have Japanese text. Doesn’t change the fact, though.

About Persona 5… I was trying to decipher the callings cards there… No that’s not really happening yet :see_no_evil:

True, and definitely wasn’t trying to discourage anything. I just remember when I was playing a few games in Japanese with English subtitles (really just subtitles of the dub) and I was amazed even with my more limited knowledge how radically different they were at times.

But whatever gives you motivation to do any kind of immersion is good nonetheless!

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