Japanese study buddy...kind of?

Hi everyone. This is my first time starting a topic. Please treat me kindly.

I have extended by Japanese studying from just wanikani to adding bunpro as well. But I feel like I am getting nowhere. I used to take Japanese language classes but since then my progress in japanese grammar has significantly decreased. I know one thing that would help me is having a way to practice writing the language, if not speaking it. I could just start a journal or find a japanese friend…(that’s never gonna happen)…but I would probably just end up sleeping instead.

So I need incentive. Something like a study buddy who can study japanese regularly with me. Maybe something as simple as writing a sentence or two a day based on a grammar point and replying to each other in Japanese using that grammar point. Someone at my level would be great, but if not then it’s still fine.

I have studied up to Genki 2 in college, but I have a hard time remembering some grammar points and I am level 14 on wanikani, just to give an idea of my level.

Add me on the line app if you have it and you want to join me for a study group: Hongbeanutbear. Otherwise, if that doesn’t work out, we can just discuss here too.

I am mostly focusing on beginning grammar and making sentences. But other things are welcome too. Like help memorizing new vocabulary or discussing language learning tips.


I have a hard time understanding and remembering some grammar points I learn too. I read Genki books and I slept.

I think writing a sentence or two based on a grammar point and replying to each other in Japanese using that grammar point is a good idea.

Which grammar point first would you want to start with?

Oh, I’m also on BunPro, but I use general BunPro Path, not Genki Path.


Hi lavillian I’m currently working my way through Genki 2 and I can’t say I retain all grammar points right away, there’s some stuff that remains in the back of my head and It takes seeing it somewhere in context multiple times to really stick, it’s like: “oh I’ve seen this before! I got this”.

I feel like this is normal, so the only way to really cement that knowledge is with a lot of practice. I do end up seeing some of this stuff on twitter and instagram. So a “see if you can translate this post” might be a good idea too, as the sentences are small but can still contain the material that you’re studying.


Are you sure you can’t find a Japanese person to practice conversation with? If you have a university nearby there maybe Japanese people wanting to improve their English (I have two PHD students who I meet up with for an hour of conversation- half English and half Japanese).

I think you can also find people in Japan willing to do the same via Skype. You could probably practice writing to them too.


While I understand having a specific person to do this with might be preferable, I just wanted to point out there is also a thread on the BunPro community about writing a sentence a day.

That could potentially be a good addition, in terms of the practice you’re looking for, with or without a study buddy. Members and the creators are very helpful and kind with corrections and advice. ^^

Best of luck in your conquest of grammar! :muscle:


For talking to Japanese people I recommend using HelloTalk. It’s an app where you can connect to other people learning languages. You can chat with Japanese people who want to learn English and if you’re both willing you can make a call so you can practice speaking and listening too. In a lot of cases I end up talking in Japanese and they in English, but there are also some who just want to chat and will answer you in Japanese. There is also an option to correct your partner’s replies so if you ask them to do it you’ll also get some feedback on that :slight_smile:


you could use hellotalk for that. Post a few lines every day or so, most likely you’ll get corrected quite often. Probably is better than the correction of someone else learning, that might or might not actually be right when correcting :sweat_smile:

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italki is good too. I just wrote about it here

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Hey Iavilian! I’m actually looking for a study buddy too if you’re still in need. I’m lvl 18 in wanikani so not too far off! (=


I have tried this and I know it would work…eventually. I just haven’t had any success at it yet. Either the student I get to know is too busy, or the person I meet online ends up being a creeper, etc… I’ll probably keep trying, but I thought trying these forums would be good too.

noted. I will try that

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For Oshin and Kammi. Would you guys rather do the practices over wanikani forums or some other form? I have the line app, but I don’t mind finding some other app if that’s what you would prefer.

I am studying the genki path on bunpro right now just to refresh myself. I am on chapter 9 but I do like 5 or 6 grammar points a day to catch up. The new ones I study are what I have a hard time remembering though some of the old ones give me problems sometimes too. Right now I am doing まだ~ていません.

I would enjoy having a study buddy to reinforce my Japanese. I am self taught, currently level 11 on WaniKani and just starting out the Genki 1 book. I am really enjoying it so far and am looking up several resources (books, dictionaries, beginner-level manga) to complement my learning.

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Sounds good. I have the same question for you as for Kammi and Oshin then. Would you rather use this wanikani topic or some other app? I was more in the mind of using something else like line so that the discussions could be more directed but I think it could work here too. I find forums intimidating though :sweat_smile:

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Hi lavilian! I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m down for a study buddy! I just started wanikani so I’m level 1 right now, but I’ve been studying the language in a classroom setting for seven years now, so I hope that makes up for the difference!

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Welcome! Do you have the line app? I would like to do this from there if possible.

I don’t have a line. I could reply to this thread on WK forum if you mention the specific grammar point I’m also interested in (re)learning though I can’t promise anything (I can’t help you) cos as I said I sleep when I read Genki.

About the grammar point you mentioned, here is my try. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong <-- Edit: I mean other than OP can correct me if I’m wrong, so feel free to correct me if im wrong here is not intended only to OP.

  1. おしんはまだ結婚していません。Oshin isn’t married yet.
  2. 彼女はまだ触っていませんけどおしんは脱走しました。She hasn’t touched (Oshin) yet but Oshin fled. <— I’m not sure how to put “touched Oshin” in that Japanese sentence as the object of transitive verb “touch”.
  3. 新しいパソコンをまだ買いていません。Oshin hasn’t bought a new computer yet.
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I had a slightly hard time reading 2 cause my kanji level is lower than yours. But I enjoyed reading it. I wonder if there is a substitute for けど that would lead more into a consequence of the action. I don’t know, just a thought.

Here is mine:

  1. もう3時間過ごしましたが、日本ごをまだ勉強しません。


three hours have already passed but I haven’t studied Japanese yet.

I have already edited this sentence three times.I definitely need practice.


けど. The more formal one is けれども. But we can just use が. It’s basically how to say “though/but”, I read it somewhere, I think it’s on BunPro grammar point, or maybe from what I read on The Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar book. Their explanations must be better than mine. cmiiw.

Oh, and about your first clause, I have no comment. Maybe others could help us with もう3時間過ごしました The one that I made bold.

No worries. I need practice too. We’re all here to learn. Once @jprspereira said it better, things I can’t rephrased/say again, we’re all here to learn, so if I made mistake, I could be corrected.


I’m down with using Line to study. Let me know what works and we can start.

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