Japanese Speaking Tutor and N5 practice resources?

Hi I’m looking for a trustable site for Japanese speaking tutor online. I tried to search it on google but I got like a million results and I don’t know which one I could trust and going forward. Could you guys recommend one for me please?

Moreover, where is the good place for practicing N5 test? Based on Bunpro and Wanikani, I should have enough knowledge to start practicing for N5 test.

ps. I know that JLPT does not has speaking test component. I just want to learn it properly.

Thank you so much everyone

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Italki seems to be the better option for finding a good tutor. You can either go for a conversation classes or grammar lessons, it depends on the tutor you choose.

As for the N5 practicing i dont really know how to help you. The only thing i use for testing it is bunpro.jp

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You can check the jlpt website for practice tests, as well as websites like jlptsensei.com and youtube.

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You are looking for italki. I’ve used it regularly for the last 2 years and had no issues with it. Hundreds of tutors to pick the one whose teaching style you enjoy and whose schedule fits yours.

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