Japanese Sentence a Day Challenge


I drank too much milk and now I don’t feel good




Go to the pond!


I have to wake up at six tomorrow morning, so I should go to bed at nine tonight

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What I’m trying to say: After I eat dinner, I will take a shower.

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I will eat dinner and take a shower.

After I eat dinner, I will take a shower.

I think this is how it should be, you do need plain past for 後で. :slight_smile:

Both mean the same, btw, it’s just a matter of wording, imo.

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ありがとう for the correction!

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In spring, there are purple azaleas in the park next to my house

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What I’m trying to say: Lately, I’ve listened to a lot of Vocaloid music.

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毎日午前八時ごろに起きます。この月曜日は午前五時に起きます。 :sob:

Every day I get up at 8 a.m. This Monday I will get up at 5 a.m.



聞いていました have listened :slight_smile:

Or is it…

I don’t know what I’m talking about

I guess it would be, was listening.

聞きました seems to work fine.


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My dog is able to run and swim, but he’s fat so he doesn’t

How can I shorten the last part, so it’s just “he doesn’t” instead of “he doesn’t run and doesn’t swim?”

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Don’t you have to end not in し? :thinking:


It feels weird for some reason…

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It looks like it will rain tomorrow, so I don’t have to water the garden today

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Interesting… I was thinking of the garden of a thing that I’m doing the watering to, but it is still considered a location…

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It’s more like the recipient of the water, isn’t it?

Same if you watered a plant, or fed a dog.

You’re giving water to the plant, and giving food to the dog.

It’s not 庭に as in, in the garden.

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Ok, I just watched the first half, and I don’t think the video is a very realistic representation of what the movie is about. :sweat_smile:

Still interesting, in a way, just very wild and bizarre. I don’t think the Spanish dub makes it justice, but it’s still pretty good.

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A lot of Terry Pratchett is that kind of scene snuck in unexpectedly, but that’s what I love about all of his writing. They can be lighthearted and funny, seemingly a bit surface-level, and then that kind of scene comes in and hits you out of left field. Something about it just resonates with me a lot. :grin:

But yeah, that scene is my favorite for a reason: it stands out and manages to overshadow the entirety of the rest of the film (imo) despite being so short. :sweat_smile:

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Why am I watching the movie, then!? :triumph:

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My vocabulary is better than my grammar. Studying grammar is very difficult…

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