Japanese Scrabble App

Hey all,

Not sure if this was posted, but being a scrabble fan I wanted to share a Japanese scrabble app I found for iOS (not sure about android). It’s called Harigana (spelled like that) and it’s pretty fun. It’s a little bit easy to cheat because it will allow you to test an unlimited number of word combinations until you make one that is an actual word. It only uses hiragana script, but I found it a fun way to try out new vocab and learn new ones that other player put down. Enjoy!

I’m just imagining 2000 character scrabble now. Where is my 2000 character scrabble! 

It’s like しりとり but Scrabble. It actually sounds kinda fun.

Yup, there is no Android version. I haven’t seen a scrabble-type app for android since もじもと went down~ If anyone else does know of one would love to know!