Japanese mobile input

How do you input Japanese on mobile?

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I always find that ‘full-on’ kana keyboard difficult to get used to because it requires learning a new keyboard layout and remembering where all the kana are. It takes me ages to type things using it, so I salute you.

I use the romaji–>kana one instead.

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The problem with that one is that while you’ll write “ja” to get じゃ, in the full kana keyboard, you actually have to write し => じ => じや => じゃ. The romaji one used to give me some bad habits at the beginning, like write sha instead of ja.

I think its difficult too, but i want to learn it. I started using it today.


You get used to the kana layout surprisingly fast.

I use a qwerty-romaji keyboard.

Most of people aged 14-22 use Qwerty-Kana but i’ve seen people who are still used to the flip phones and their old layout use pure kana… so i would say… 60-70% use qwerty-Kana but kana keyboard is also not something rare… I use kana keyboard because i kinda like it as i used it to slow myself down while writing and think about my sentences before submitting them… now i’m even faster on an kana keyboard than on an qwerty one… but this has took me about 4-5 months.

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