Japanese Languge Learning Advice / Regrets

I’d say yes, you can. The limiting factor is vocabulary though. You learn the basics for constructing sentences, but only with a limited range of verbs & vocab. The emphasis is on creating sentences with the tools they give you, with the understanding that you’ll need to learn more vocab as you go.

I found it a great entry into basic grammar and speaking, which I could do while driving or walking the dog. Definitely for beginners though.


Another good one on this front is Pocoyo. It’s aimed at preschoolers, and is incredibly easy to understand with a story format. There’s a youtube channel with them all up.


I have taken a look and they might be a bit too much for beginners. I’d recommend to first take a look at the Nihongo con Teppei for beginners podcast.

My regret is that I wished I’d started doing classes and working with a tutor sooner. I was 100% self study for the first year and then joined a once a week class at the community center. Most of my learning was still self study based, but it was so helpful to have structured lessons and a teacher I could ask questions to. When I was N3 level I started working with a conversation tutor and I progressed so quickly that I really wish I’d been working with one from the beginning. I was living in Japan so I was getting lots of speaking practice in daily life, but even then, the conversation tutor was a game changer