Japanese keyboard on new device - How to not start over?

Your Japanese keyboard learns from you as you use it, suggesting kanji you have used in the past, etc. Is there a keyboard that saves this memory such that you can access it on other devices? For instance, depending on how much of my studying I do on my laptop versus my phone, one device may not recognize new items as easily (i.e. I have to scroll for ages to find it again). When I get a new device, I have to start from scratch. That’s a whole lot of scrolling to find the kanji I want that has the reading ‘し’ (granted, a typical Japanese speaker probably doesn’t need to find a stand alone kanji based on it’s reading, but my current keyboards already know I’m not the typical Japanese speaker).

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If you were using the Google Japanese input app or SwiftKey, they usually have a sync function that saves your data to the cloud, I think :thinking:. Otherwise you’re stuck training your IME from scratch I’m afraid

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