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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but does anyone know how to use the Japanese Kanji Study app?

Whenever I do a test, and click on Multiple Choice, beside the quiz type on the right hand side there is a little inverse pyramid with a number. If you click this you can filter characters ordered by accuracy.

Does anyone know how to use this? If I move the slide up and down it reduces the amount of Kanji but I have no idea on what basis.

Im also not tagging any of the kanjis as “new”, “seen”, or the rest.

I would love this app if it had an SRS function but it doesn’t seem this feature is coming anytime soon.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!


It’s just the number of items per quiz. 0-10 (although the minimum is always 1). Also, for app-specific questions, the best place to post would be either in Campfire or Resources.

If I’m not mistaken, as you reduce the slider, it filters out the characters that you get right the most and leaves the ones you have more trouble with, so the lower accuracy ones. I suppose it’s meant to reduce the reviewing session to a number you’re comfortable with, and the most important items would be the ones you know less and therefore get wrong more frequently.

This is handy in different ways, for example if you don’t really want to spend time reviewing kanji that you already know very well, so you can just filter the whole category out. Then you can use the slider thingy to tell the app that you want to review the kanji in the “seen” category and filter out the ones that have a higher accuracy percentage and so on.

It is! The developer updated their twitter recently :slight_smile: . Just not exactly sure how long it will take. I suppose most of what I said will be better managed by the SRS eventually.


How is it even possible to tag a Kanji?

Ok, found it.
It was set not to stop after writing it.

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Ahh that’s why I thought that reducing the slider just reduced the number of questions - I was doing it on a set I hadn’t made any mistakes on. Makes sense! Thanks for that.


Ah I was just typing a reply but I see it’s not necessary ^^ . You can see the star icon in different screens and you can also tap the kanji circles just after a session to select them and tag them that way. There’s an option to select wrong answers only, correct answers only… multiple ways. And of course individually when you open the info screen of a particular kanji. You probably know all of this already but just in case :slight_smile: .

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Thank you! I don’t know anything because I just started. It’s very helpful information :slightly_smiling_face:

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