Japanese input in answers puts cursor at end of the string after every letter

In japanese input reviews, if you type something like じつ, then hit left arrow twice to go to the starting position _じつ then type any japanese letter, さ for example, it becomes さじつ_ with the cursor at the END of the string, without you doing it. So if you wanted to correct じつ to さいじつ by appending from the start, you’d instead get “さじつい”. Your cursor got pushed forward after you typed the さ, and you just got a ding on 祭日!!!

This does not happen with Windows Japanese IME, just the wanikani input field.


I know, it’s quite annoying. I just got used to it, but maybe it could be fixed :woman_shrugging:


This was fixed in WanaKana.js (the library used by WaniKani) three years ago. The WaniKani team just needs to update to a more recent version of the library…


That there is a fix is a bit surprising. :eyes: I’ve thought about this jumping of the cursor issue as well, though I’ve come to just accept it. I usually retype the whole word now for good measure! :joy:


I literally never tried going back to fix a word rather than retyping image


Me neither. LoL

And I’ve been using WK for almost two years.

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This is still broken. It’s quite annoying when you have typos in a longer phrase like お誕生日おめでとう


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