Japanese in the wild: big white van edition

Just wanted to share a fun moment I had today. I saw a work van in my suburban California neighborhood, completely unadorned except for 家具の医師. I haven’t learned 師 yet, but with the other three kanji I was able to figure out that the van probably belonged to a furniture repair shop.

I’m new here, so apologies in advance if this is irrelevant or miscategorized or boring.


I can imagine how nice you felt reading that. I felt nice imagining myself read that and look around at nobody in particular as if to say " anyone needs a translator? Because I’m the one who can read this van" :joy:


医師 = doctor :slightly_smiling_face:


Thought this was going to be a share thread, but I saw this the other day and 草ed.


is that a watch or a band you’re wearing? it’s so cute :sob::heart:

Well, that sure is wild! :joy:

What the hell? lol

My husband was playing a YT video that was in Japanese and the channel was called “古民家ひとり暮らし.” I knew ひとり and 暮らし, was able to guess the reading for 古民家 but didn’t know what it directly meant. Based on the kanji used – “old” “peoples” “house” – I almost immediately thought it meant nursing home, which is “old folks’ home” in less polite English. Ha! But thankfully there’s video so I decided it meant “living alone in a (literal) old house.” Lol

(I was close. Later found out 古民家 is an old traditional Japanese house.)

Anyway that channel is awesome, we’ve watched all the episodes since :sweat_smile:

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Cool! What’s the channel?

It’s a very peaceful channel; we watch it when we’re turning down for the day. It can also be bite-sized reading practice if you turn off the subs/translations.


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