Japanese in one year?! - Not your usual study log

Talking about the native contents, I like the idea of Visual Novels with audio + Yomitan. VN because of the auto-pause, easy replaying of the audio, and lots of text. Well, I started VN pretty late and don’t really know how to set up a text hooker properly; but I think there is a website dedicated to that instruction.

About monolingual, I have this script for WaniKani. Much of my criticism towards WaniKani is about English typing – typo detection and blacklist detection, as well as unpredictable hidden synonyms. Maybe a better solution is Anki mode, but I sticked through with Double Check.

My opinion about a monolingual dictionary, is that once you learned how to read quickly, it either works within 3 seconds, or it probably doesn’t work well (just for that word).