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Happy Saturday ! Does anyone have a recommendation for a Japanese youtube gunpla channel? I have looked around, but most things resulting from the search terms yield foreigners in Japan talking about gunpla shops and stuff. I don’t know if I heard the advice here or elsewhere, but it was suggested to start watching a youtube channel about a personal hobby or interest (even if you don’t understand it), so that you can learn vocabulary associated with a topic you would eventually talk about, at least I think that was the rationale, that or just because it would hold your interest better.

Inquiry aside, I am loving it here, and I am loving wani kani in general, I even got my best friend pledged to the crabigator. I also just finished 幼女戦記 The Saga of Tanya the Evil. I highly recommend it. As well as Your Lie in April 四月は君の嘘 I saw the gifs in another thread and fell in love with the character design.


Is this the kind of thing you’re looking for?
The guy is explaining what he’s doing while he puts the model together.

Sorry if it’s way off, I had no idea what “gunpla” was so I looked it up and found something called ガンプラ in Japanese.

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Me and the wife have just completed our first ever Gundam! And we started retro with a model from 1980 (she loved the TV series as a kid) which we found in Hobby Off for 2,000.


The same model on display in Gundam Base:

Edit: I made a Gundam / Gunpla thread here.


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