Japanese garden vocabulary & ressources

Hello !

Recently, I have started to recenter my goals for my studies and to find some topics were I am eager to learn for new topics that I need to search for, even in my own language.

So, one of the interesting topics for me is all gardening, landscalling related topic, especially to learn and find what are the rules to create a japanese style garden.
I have a really small part of my garden that I want to transform, and I would like to create one using the real traditionnal rules for that. I know there is a lot of rules & gravel filtration stuff & specifics stone and so on for that.

But when I search on the internet, I don’t know the good word to find directly related topic in japanese, and I don’t find any help at all on google (I don’t know the good word so I don’t find any real website with knowledge about that…)

So my questions, do you know good website in japanese that speak about gardening in general, and one’s focusing about japanese style garden ?
I am searching for all sources that can expand my knowledge, preferably in japanese.

Do you know some vocabulary for my searches ?

What I have tried, and I am 100% sure that is not the good word for all of thoses :
日本庭園 => japanese style garden
日本の庭の光 => I wanted to search for the little stone lantern, but I find only few things on light stuff but it’s not the good word also
溶岩石 => I wanted to search for the lava stone lantern, but I can’t find anything it’s not the good word
日本の庭 樹種 => tree species for japanese garden
竹の噴水 => bamboo fountain

Please help me in my research and share if you have any interest on the topic :slight_smile:

よろしく お願いします


You should check out the Garden Appreciation thread, right here on WK! :wink:

Lots of Japanese vocab and talk about gardening! ^^

I just realized that I never got into the habit of expanding the OP post wiki. Which is a shame, as I’ve posted lots of names for flowers in Japanese to the pictures of my local gardens. :slight_smile:

You’ll just have to browse the thread I think for the full extent of the things mentioned/discussed ^^’

Also, the listening comprehension thread has some YT recommendations about gardens I think. :thinking:


Oh thank you for the thread, I don’t understand why it doesn’t show on my search on WK :open_mouth:
It’s more into generic gardening, but I will have a lot of content to work on ! :smiley:

I have just realized that I don’t even know the name in english for 80% of the words :woman_facepalming: - double learning incoming !

I am at a point where for topics that I know, it’s easy and I can communicate, and it’s not that complicated. But when I start to switch on a topic that I don’t know, I don’t understand anyword and it’s soooo frustrating, even if I read a book when I encounter too much word that I don’t know it makes me ragequit.

I hope that reading something that I am really interested in will erase this ragequit mode because I will compensate by the will to know more about the subjects… and for the garden, it will be in use for my life and I will not consider the time I take “lost time when I have so much better things to do for something that will be usefull instead of useless japanese knowledge that I do because I like the language but no use”
It’s like on of my final “bottle in the sea” to myself and my study :sweat_smile:


The YouTube channel right now is Japanese Garden TV.

They usually break a construction down into a bunch of episodes.

Of of my favorite episodes ever is where they visit an antique stone wholesaler in Kyoto. They describe the categorization of stone lanterns and bases at length. I found it worthwhile to memorize the terms from this episode. I’ll post a link after breakfast. :yum:


Same for me. I’ve posted both in Swedish, English and Japanese in some posts, since I just…feel like that makes more sense to me. I just can’t connect to the English names of plants in the same way, as names I’ve learn years ago, sometimes from ages ago when growing up. ^^

This is perfectly normal. For any language acquisition, you’ll just have to make the rounds and slowly learn new words in different fields. I’m not doing anything focused, not really. Not even in the thread I started

I would need to make anki cards or something to actually learn all the fish names I’ve posted in the thread. now, it’s more like an extended encyclopedia with pictures and Japanese - English translation posted. XD which is fine really. Until I have actual need to know these things by heart, I just don’t have to learn them. It’s fun too look stuff up though, so that’s enough of a reward I feel for now. :slight_smile:

I think it probably will. Why one stops doing something can be complicated, and have multiple reasons, but I feel like I would not have gone as far with Japanese, unless I were reading, listening, watching, gaming things I love in Japanese. They’re both the learning goal, the carrot and the challenge - all wrapped into the same experience really. :grin:


I’ll be checking this out sooner rather than later I feel! :eyes: :sparkling_heart:


Here is the one with lanterns. I watched this over and wrote words down and memorized them.

Here is the book that is the foundation of a certain major garden style:


Really thank you for this link, it’s one of the best youtube channel I’ve never seen !


I learned so much from several of their videos. :grin:

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