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プラチナデータ / Platinum Data

Length: 2h13
(Rough) Genre: Sci-fi crime thriller
TMDB Link: Platinum Data (2013) — The Movie Database (TMDB)
Trailer Link (if possible): プラチナデータ  予告編 - YouTube
Known content warnings: Only one I recall was murder (not a spoiler, see main plot). No particularly graphic scenes iirc, but there is blood and corpses.
JustWatch link: プラチナデータ 映画 動画配信 オンライン 視聴


A man creates a system that can with 100% certainty build a profile of a suspect and solve crimes. However, there is a murder and the DNA points to him as the suspect and he goes on the run

Personal Opinion

I watched this a year or two ago and it was the first Japanese movie I watched without any Japanese subs and felt I could understand without much trouble (note: I read on a ton of crime fiction, ymmv). It’s a pretty standard thriller, so it’s not going to wow you, but it’s a fun watch and the pacing is good. It’s based on a book by 東野圭吾 so if you like his character styles and plots, you’ll probably enjoy it.

It’s not available for streaming in that many places right now, but I happen to have access to it (with English subs as well) so if the watch party route is taken I can help out :slight_smile: