Japanese Braille discussion

Hey, folks.

As a native English speaker who’s going blind, I’ve been learning braille as of late, which has been a rather overwhelming undertaking. However, I learned that there exists Japanese braille, which seems to use an 8 dot grid as opposed to English’s 6 dot grid. I was wondering if anyone here knows much about Japanese braille? I think it could be a fun discussion.


I’ve seen it many times, since I live in Japan, but I’ve never investigated it to any degree. I’d be curious to learn more about it.

By the way, the word for it in Japanese is 点字 (which is quite an easy to read and understand word)


From what I understand, hiragana and katakana are represented on six of the eight dots, similar to English braille. But kanji is represented by sequences of radicals that utilize the full eight grids. But I could be wrong, I only just discovered this recently lol.

点 is a little above me, but it looks like this comes out to “point character.” That is incredibly fitting.

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Yeah, I can kind of imagine how you’d do it, but I want to look into some examples.

Yeah, it has a few meanings, but can also be dot or spot.


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