Japanese Audio Script request

Hello everyone, I have a question.

Perhaps it will seem like cheating but I was wondering if there is a script which allows the pronouciation audio to be played before the answer is correct. I think this could significantly reduce the amount of leeches I have. Currently, I have many items which I simply cannot remember at all.

Perhaps such a function is already enabled. Im sure I have audio enabled, but I hardly ever hear it, perhaps because I am using the Lightening script.

Everyday I find myself in situations in which I know, that I know a word that I could use, but cannot for the life of me remember the prounication. I know Wanikani is not intended to teach prounication, however its audio function could be really useful.

Thanks for your time

Well, as long as you got the reading correct, I feel like it should be available. IIRC, there’s a speaker icon you can click in the more info menu. So it should be possible to have a script play it for you (maybe such a script already exists).
If you haven’t answered the reading correctly yet, then indeed it would be cheating. Now, it’s also possible to make a script for that, but you may as well use the “always correct” cheating script and then listen to the audio…

Check your settings - Audio plays for me each time I get an answer right in review + all lessons.

There’s also a script that has audio clips from JapanesePod101 here for each item. The script might be dated, and the aggregate thread mentions that WK should have original audio for all now.

There would be little point in hearing what the answer is before entering it - that would defeat the purpose of the entire exercise.

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