Japan trip cancelled due to COVID19, WK instaburnout ensues

So this happened… last month has been a struggle, but I think I’m finally clawing my way back at 200 reviews a day.

It’s incredible how coronavirus quarantine and not being able to travel affects your mood so much you stop caring about important things, like reviews!

I’m sorry great crabigator, I will return feeding the turtles to you~~


Yeah that’s the paradox with this quarantine. You think you’ll have all this free time to do stuff, but in reality you spend most of that time dealing with adjusting to the new lifestyle.


It definitely does impact us in way more ways than we realize. I’m sorry that you had to cancel your Japan trip :frowning: I have one planned later on in the year (Oct - Nov) so there’s still a slight chance that it can still happen but I’m also keeping things reasonable.

The hardest part is always starting so if you tough it out for the first few days you’ll be back in no time! Good luck!

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I’m sorry your trip got cancelled!

I’ve had WK burnout a bunch of times now, but the 3 biggest were right after sitting JLPT exams. It looks like you never really stopped completely though so that’s positive!

Good luck, take it slow and remember to check in with yourself regularly :blush:


I got it up to 1200 by doing 100 reviews once a week but now it’s again down to 800 and I should be able to get it down to 0 in 4-5 days by doing 200 reviews a day. It kinda feels like i’m running in circles with hard vocab, so this might be a good thing (there are some vocab, that i’ve been retaining just barely over the levels, and this one month break has caused a lot of these leeches to re-appear).

It’s funny how I see a vocab, recognize it has problematic, know that I mix it often it one other vocab and then make the same mistake again I do 50% of time and get it wrong. Or know the reading but miss meaning by entering something similar but not just that.


I understand. I added up my guru and up kanji and I swear they’ve been sitting at 280 for a week now. My June trip is cancelled. I say it’s postponed, but every time I hear this bleeping COVID-19 might disrupt the next 2 years I start getting all sad. I’m trying to keep up with it, but I’m not sure if it’s just my level (working on 9) or not knowing I’ll have a chance to use my new and relearned kanji, but I keep messing up. Like 56% if I do reviews when I’m tired or not just particularly on the ball. I do think the trip cancellation and the uncertainty of things makes it harder to focus properly.
Good luck to you, and stick with it! I’m planning to do that and hoping it’ll all get to normal soon. Well, at least the WK progress back to normal soon. I hope.

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I had a couple breaks on the way to 60. Just keep up on reviews and give lessons a break.

Tough vocab never really leaves you. I’ve been 60 for 8 months now and there’s still stuff that gets flunked down to Apprentice occasionally.

Just manage your pace and you’ll get there. WK can be comforting when you can’t practice your skills IRL.


Japan’s not moving anywhere, you’ll make it there soon :slight_smile:

go go go you can do the reviews!


The title of your post is like the opposite of my life right now…I got stranded in Japan due to covid 19, so staying with friends, and have been smashing more reviews than ever.


Man, to the people who had a trip to Japan lined up this year, but still want to go in 2020…The way I see it, travel is done for this year. Even if the health concerns are declared cleared by, say, Autumn, I’m not taking that risk, and I’d advise others that are just wanting to go for pleasure to wait a bit. My family and I are eager to go summer of 2021, and we had a trip lined up this year.


Yah. I’m doing reviews but only lessons every few days.

I felt down too when my trip for March got cancelled. But I realized when I use this time for studying more Japanese or maybe read a book about their culture, I’ll be a lot more prepared when I finally get there.
Your life is long and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of chances for you to get to Japan after this pandemic. Stay safe and keep on WaniKaniing! :slightly_smiling_face:

How do I see the stats of my reviews? Pretty cool. Also, hopefully you can go later this year? Or next year!

Yay, I did it, 0 reviews! Now I just need to get my apprentices back to under 100 from 250 and I’m good to go!

https://www.wkstats.com/ gives a nice overview

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I live in Shizuoka and some friends from the states were supposed to visit me during Obon. At least in my area, everything is closed. Most shrines and stuff are still open but the genuine experience of Japan isn’t here right now in my opinion. I agree with everyone else. Look forward to next year!

Looks like I’m back struggling. I just decided to not worry about it and I ordered reviews by with most overdue items first, but level up items first. Lessons are not reordered so I can still keep up with pretty large review queue when it happens as I can put my masters and enlighten-eds to a back burner for a few days and handle them when I have time, while still doing the minimal review to ensure I don’t forget my apprentices and gurus due to having 2-4 days extra pause in review.

But it still seems to push my level up speed down to 1 level per month, but thats okay. I’m half way there already.

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