Japan-based Game Programmer interview advice

Well, I just had my interview. This time I’m not so sure it went as well, it went okay but I had to stop to think quite often. But I managed to tell them that listening and reading is by far my strongest area and that I’m not yet used to speaking Japanese as this is only my second Japanese conversation which they seemed very impressed with. Also that I’d start taking proper Japanese lessons as soon as I got to Japan and I’d quickly get used to speaking more (I’ve relied entirely on self study up to this point without help from a native speaker).

Hopefully it works out but if not I’ll just continue studying and keep applying to roles that become available.

In case anyone is interested, I thought I’d give an update.
Unfortunately I didn’t get the job I spoke of in my original post, they told me I’d have too much difficulty communicating and to apply again after passing N2.

However I just finished an interview for a similar role at a much bigger Japanese game company that has many foreign employees and therefore a much higher tolerance for limited Japanese knowledge and an overall stronger English ability. This time I was able to understand and respond very well I think. I had much more time to prepare and I think they were extremely impressed with my Japanese ability. I’m fairly confident I’ll be invited to the final stage of the interview process where I’ll speak to other developers and management this time. Fingers crossed it works out.


Good luck!

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