J-CAT test probs

I’ve never tried the J-CAT test before, but the site is telling me I have the “incorrect” version of Flash installed even though it’s totally up to date. Anyone else have problems running it? I’d love to give it a shot.

That’s weird. Are you running on an old OS or an old browser?

Not really. Mac OS Yosemite and Chrome. Safari doesn’t work either.

You have any sort of privacy plugins going?
Just looked and the site is telling me I’m running wrong flash

But, in an incognito window it works fine, pointing to it being one of my extensions interfearing.

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Try Chrome and enable flash player on it (as a test), that’ll run fine on a Mac.

EDIT: Scratch that, Chrome didn’t pass either. I’ll bet it’s looking for the Adobe version of flash. IE works fine. Does Safari use a native flash player like Chrome does?

I got it! I added http://www.j-cat.org/ as an exception to autoplaying Flash videos in Chrome’s plugin settings (I didn’t even remember that was enabled) and it did the trick. :slight_smile:


Didn’t even realize that was a setting

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I never knew you could whitelist specific domains either >.>

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