I've hit the wall

You are already able to read 90%+ of the kanji that can be thrown at you in the wild. In the second half of WK it is all about leveraging the kanji knowledge you already have and focus on the differences between kanji.

If you struggle because you learned your kanji “by rough shape” and now that strategy breaks down because more kanji with tiny differences appear, you should use my similar kanji script by reviewing the recent levels and specifically look for the differences of the new kanji. This helps to reinforce both old and new kanji.

If you have problems remembering the readings you should also leverage semantic-phonetic compositions with my other script. In the second half of WK you get ~2/3 of the On readings for free, and I can often at least read kanji I forgot again and remember kanji from vocabulary. You can leverage the kanji you already know, you just have to check how the puzzle pieces fit together.

In any case you might need to absorb new information so the going will be slow for a while, but you can start breezing through the rest of WK again once you learned some more tricks.