I've finally made it to 天国 (paradise)! Join me in some time wasting festivities!

Is this the 本物 生?
Is this just 幻想?
捕 in a 辰,
No 逃 from 真.

開 your 目,
Look up to the 空 and 見,
I’m just a 貧 男の子, I need no 同感,
Because I’m easy 来, 易 行,
Little 高, 少し 低,
Any way the 風 吹 doesn’t really 構う to me, to 己.

Mama, just 殺 a 男,
Put a 銃 against his 冂,
引 my trigger, 今 he’s 亡.
マ, 生 had just 始,

But 今 I’ve gone and 投 it 全 away.
マ, ooh,
Didn’t mean to make you 泣,
If I’m not back 更 this 時 明日,
担 on, 運 on as if 無 本当に 件.

Too 遅い, my 時 has 来,
送 震える 下 my 背,
体 痛 全 the 時.
さようなら, 皆さん, I’ve got to 行,
Gotta 葉 you all 後 and 向 the 実.

マ, ooh (any 方 the 風 吹),
I don’t 欲 亡,
I 時々 希 I’d never been 誕生 at all.

I 見 a 短 影 of a 男,
Scaramouche, 咅, will you do the 舞?
Thunderbolt and 落雷,
Very, 非常に 驚く me.
(Galileo) 仏.
(Galileo) 仏,

I’m just a 貧 男の子, nobody 恋愛 me.
He’s just a 貧 少年 from a 貧 家族,
Spare him his 生 from this 怪物.
Easy 来, 易 行, will you let me 行?

Bismillah! No, we will not let you go. (Let him go!)
神様! We will not 許 you 行. (許 him 行!)
女神様! We will not 許 you 行. (許 me 行!)
Will not 許 you 行. (許 me 行!)
Never 許 you 行 (Never, 永遠, never, 永遠 許 me 行)
Oh oh oh oh
No, 否, 不, 無理, 無理, 無理, 無理
Oh, mama mia, マ mia (マ mia, let me go.)
悪魔 has a 鬼 put aside for me, for 己, for me.

So you 思 you can 石 me and 吐 in my 目?
So you 思 you can 恋愛 me and 遺 me to 亡?
おい, baby, can’t do this to me, 赤ちゃん,
Just gotta get 外, just gotta get right 外 here.

(Ooooh, ooh yeah, ooh 宜しい)

Nothing really 構う,
Anyone can 見,
無 現に 構う,
無 実際 構う to me.
Any 方 the 風 吹 .

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:rofl::crazy_face::grimacing: amazingly done.


I wish there were a “I sang along the whole post” option. :point_up:
Outstanding, really!


Glad you enjoyed :sweat_smile: ! It was a lot more fun than the lessons that were glaring at me!

Sorry for the lack of an “I sang along the whole post” option, please accept this oc wanikani meme in its stead:


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