I've been stuck on Level 2 for so long

Now, this could just be because I’ve been kinda inactive :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but I’ve been stuck at 80% and above kanji progression for at least 3 months now. just wanted to say that to someone.

EDIT: finally made it to Level 3! Yay!!!:joy: but I’ll keep this thread open for anyone else that wants to rant on how long it takes them to level up
Good luck guys! がんばろう!


You… have burned items at level two? Just how long have you been there? :stuck_out_tongue:


Look at which kanji you are getting wrong most frequently. Then relearn the mnemonics for them. Then win. Also, enjoy the cake. Best of luck!!! (also, you really do not need to do a ton to learn…it is more about consistency. If you just do a solid 30 minutes to an hour every day, you can get quite a lot done in a year. Having said that, I fall off the consistency train 5 days in a week so…haha so … best of luck to us both)


There are 4 kanji from level 2 that you have yet to Guru for the first time. I’d check those and try to relearn them. You can only level up after getting 90% of the Kanji to guru at least once.

EDIT: Moved the topic to a more appropriate category :slight_smile:

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