It's That WaniKani Sale Time (Dec 18, 2018 - Jan 8, 2019)

How bad do you want to learn Japanese? After 11 levels (and for other newbies like me, after three free levels), how do you find wanikani? If you feel it’s good and suitable for you to go all the way, how long do you expect to burn all wanikani items? Let’s say you take it slow and burn everything by 3 years. That’s 36 months. 200/36= 5.56. 5.56x4=22.22. Let’s round it up to 22.50.

Thats 22.50 of your currency per month you spent learning Japanese. What can you buy with 22.50 in your country? What other things you spend more than 22.50 every month and you have nothing to show for it?

That’s my motivation to take the lifetime plunge. I won’t rush to finish this (it’s not like I can, I have work and family). Definitely not less than 1.5 years just to make it to level 60. WKstats says it’ll be sometime in 2020!

To me, no point in doing 30+ lessons per session, then not able to recall correctly, then be burdened by tonnes of reviews, then burnout, then give up. Been there done that. Take fewer lessons per day if it makes you recall better. We’re in this for the long haul.

Come to think of it, the longer you take to finish, the more you get your money’s worth.

My first post. Hope it’s helpful.


Yes! Finally got that sweet sweet purp! Thanks Koichi & Wanikani team

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After a year off I’ve come back and decided to go all in on WK! All hail the almighty Crabigator!

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Oh no! I looked through our email history, and looks like you got a response, but perhaps it went to spam. Once we start talking about Paypal and money and links… that seems like a good way to get put in your spam folder :cry:

But, to answer you here - yep, we can do paypal for 1-year or Lifetime memberships. You’ll just need to let us know your paypal email address, and then we’ll send a payment request. Once that’s paid, email us to let us know and we’ll confirm + upgrade your account.

It looks like we’re getting your emails, so if you could email in that information (and add to your contacts list to make sure it doesn’t go to spam), we should be able to work it out!

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Welcome back into our clawy grasp.


Welcome back @KKOB ! Read my Guide for WK and I can guarantee you that you’ll make @koichi proud!

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Thanks!! I think I’m going to reset my level and take on board your advice. Slow and steady with a routine seems the best bet.

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I’m in now for my life and I love the crabigator <3<3<3
dropping a curtsey to koichi
I mean its so much fun aaand efficient , thank you so much for your amazing work… and for that sale ^^
May I, now being part of the …club… just suggest humbly one thing: please stop with that different pronunciations for the same mnemonics thing, I will get crazy one day. I mean I found a solution for the しゅ and しゅう (big and small shoes) but whats with that f****** (sorry) かる for car when its everywhere else just か? and ま and も for mum…
You know, I’m saying this in deep appreciation, its just something so small compared with the mighty power of the holy crab!!


I practically stopped WK since I started working here in Japan. Dealing with the workload and the japanese language all day took away my will to get home and study. My brain chose to waste time watching silly sitcoms (damn you, Friends!) or playing games (damn you, Switch!). When I did try to do my reviews, I did it like only 10 at a time. I even gave up on playing games in japanese because it felt more like study than relaxing, and I usually just want to turn my brain off when I get home.

However, being so close to finishing WK, I promised myself that I will do it this year. Not just for this reason, but I also get really frustrated for living here and understanding so little, because I don’t take my studies seriously, so it’s time to change! Already took down my review count from 2200 to 1600 in 3 days - missing a lot, of course, but it’s a start!


:fish_cake:I just finished my last free lesson! I’m so excited! There are no other lessons I can learn right now until I pay. Of course, with the discount, I will be getting a Lifetime subscription! Perfect time of year to finish my free! :fish_cake:


Can anyone sell me on this? I really feel like I want to buy into it but not sure if it makes sense in my situation.

According to wkstats I will have burned all items at the earliest on February 2020, or on October 2020 if I keep the same pace I have been keeping this last 9 months. In any case it’s less than two years worth of content left, which translates to 89x2=178$ using the yearly subscription.

I know there’s not much difference between 178$ and 199$ and money is not really the biggest issue here, but what after I have burned everything? Not sure if I see myself restarting the whole thing.

Thanks for your answers!

Was a no brainer for me, and the prorated credit of my existing sub made it all the more worthwhile.

No guarantee my pace will remain the same, so gambling on n x yearly vs lifetime didn’t seem worth it. Plus ability to revisit down the line if it works for me.

Risks obviously - I may give up for good, I may finish in a shorter time, wanikani may cease operating etc. Overall pros outweigh cons for me. My progress thus far has surprised me, even if I did fall 1 day short of hitting LVL 10 in 2018! >100 lessons is pretty intimidating though…

I am no match for koichi’s marketing strategies.


If it were me, I’m not sure I’d want to burn everything either, to be honest. But, you know, life happens sometimes. You’re already at level 19, though, so you’ve gotten through the hard times by now. You know what’s up and where the workload will be at. I think either way you’ll probably be making a decision that makes sense, if future-Gothminister looks back on past-Gothminister sometime in 2020.


“Silly lifetime member…your commitment is enough.”

Doubt !!!:japanese_ogre:

I have finally joined the purple cloister. I did the maths and at my current rate, I wasn’t going to be finishing WaniKani until 2022, and that’s an optimistic estimate as well, not accounting for life and death and all that. Definitely made financial sense to become a lifetimer, but I also feel it appropriate now that I am fully committed to getting this sucker done, where a year before I was still testing the waters a bit. All hail the Crabigator!

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Considering my current pace I would hypothetically finish everything on 2029… Well, in this case Lifetime is totally worth it xD

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Wow thank you for your post, putting that way is totally worth buying lifetime, specially because the wkstats site says that I’ll probably finish by 2029 hahaha
Now I just need to hope that the site continues online for that many years xD

Thank you so much =D


So I still have some hard levels to pass hahaha
I’m burning some early levels stuff, but can’t seem to reduce my queue, my errors are huge lately >.< (maybe it’s because of the end of the year?)
Thank you for having the time to answer my post, I felt really honored =)
I think I decided to go for lifetime =)

So for an extra $21, you get the peace of mind that if something comes up in life you won’t have to worry about keeping your current WaniKani pace to avoid needing that third year. Plus, you never know when they’ll add new content.

I was in your same position last lifetime sale, except I was level 35 already, and personally the decision has been a good one. Life did happen and I stopped leveling entirely for three months. I will likely still finish within two annual subscriptions (since last year), but it was really nice to not have to worry about it.