It's possible reach in 30 level in six months?

Hello. I would like ask if have possible reach in 30 level in few six months? What’s manner I reach it? Tell me please.

Sure. Starting from level 11, if you were to do all your lessons and reviews immediately upon availability it would take you 133 days. You’ll average +/- 7 days per level which is the quickest Wanikani will allow you to progress.

Keep in mind, doing this is a lot of work and would not be recommended by most. Getting to level 30 doesn’t necessarily make you better at Japanese either – instead I’d recommend taking the time to fully committing the Kanji to memory as opposed to trying to rush through the program.


18 and a bit levels in 6 months is like 10 days per level, that seems like a pretty attainable pace.


26 levels in 1038 days here. :slight_smile:

Daily reviews, lessons only occasionally.


Sure. I was talking about the quickest it could be done. You’re right in saying that if OP averaged under 10 days per level, they could hit 30 in 6 months.

My point is this: regardless of the pace, you should focus on committing the lessons to memory. The amount of time this takes varies by person.


Absolutely possible and I would recommend it, just make sure to use a reorder script to do kanji and radicals as soon as you unlock them (Reorder Omega) and download a mobile app like Flaming Durtles. Also consider using Anki Mode if you trust yourself not to cheat, as it greatly speed up reviews, and be ready to do at the very least 1 hour oer days of lessons and reviews (I think i did on average around 2 hours per days, but I was doing 7 days by level which is more work than the pace you need)

Those 30 levels cover the vast majority of frequent kanji, so you can slow down afterwards to read actual japanese

Comfortably. And you should if you have the time. The first 30 levels are essential for immersion, immersion is where the real learning is happening (or should rather since many skip it).


Check out this thread :slight_smile: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )


Yes but you should focus on going at a pace that’s works for you, not your goal. I got to 32 pretty quick and it was one of the worst decisions I ever made in my WK journey.


This cannot be understated. Make sure you give yourself time to properly remember the kanji and set aside some study time for grammar and immersion. Future you will thank you :slight_smile:


28 levels in 933 days here. Nice and slow.


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