It's officially been a year!

Today marks one year since starting WK, and thus one year since I started taking Japanese learning seriously! I’m super happy with the progress I’ve made, and WaniKani’s done a great job keeping me on top of learning everyday. I’ve read a few manga in Japanese now, and had very little trouble playing Animal Crossing in JP, so I feel like I’m finally starting to see the hard work pay off.
I’m not in the forums very often, but for some reason I felt like making a post about this so… Let’s just make this a whatever thread. Got any questions? Want to roast me? Any music/anime recommendations? Interested in a game of Questions Only? Go right ahead!


Congrats! I’m glad you’re starting to see it pay off. I know I do quite often.

Side note, I love your profile picture. ATLA ftw!


Congratulations!! You’re making great progress! Keep it up! :+1:
Also, anime recommendations you say? Time for me to once again recommend Noein for the 100,000th time in the last past 2 months. :joy: At this rate, I’m just going to be known as the Noein guy, at honestly, that’s fine. :joy:
Have some GIFs!
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meryl streep applause
I would like to celebrate your achievement with an emphatic Meryl Streep! :laughing:

Well done! You certainly was able to do more in your first year than I did mine so you certainly do have my respect :wink:

All the best @Athakaspen! I hope to be there early when you make your golden level 60 thread sometime in the future!


That sounds like great progress for one year! I hope to be anywhere near as successful as you’ve been by then!


Congratulations!! :smile:

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Looks interesting… Can’t say I’ve heard of Noein before, but I’ll definitely give it a shot!

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Your gif is much appreciated @inspectatoro, I’ll be waiting for you when I finally reach enlightenment!


Even though i have started to learn japanese to watch anime without subtitles i feel i don’t watch that ton of animes. I guess i grow fond with language itself or culture idk. Also realized my english is also getting bad for some reason.

Level 36 in a year is amazing, great job!! :flushed::sparkles::sparkles:

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