It's been months since I last studied Japanese. Any tips?

I haven’t studied kanji or grammar for at least two months. Does anyone have any tips on how I can jump back into learning the language, specifically when operating on WaniKani?

Start with listening to stuff, no subs, intently. Even short stuff (dialogues, youtube vids) you know well.

Make a place with associated rituals-- a desk, workplace, etc. Do the same rituals every time you sit down to study so your brain knows it’s time to focus.

Do kinesthetic stuff, writing by hand, acting out kanji stories (mnemonics), saying stuff out loud.

I do much better to think of Japanese as a place I go rather than this external thing I have to master.

Then get into WK. Hopefully you did vacation mode. Cheat when you feel like it, reset a few levels if you feel like it, don’t let WK take over your life. Get some set routines (X number of lessons every day, X number of reviews). Take your time.

Have fun, you know.


Didn’t do vacation mode, which was a dumb, dumb, dumb mistake. However, shockingly enough, I remember most, if not all of my term? Which is extremely surprising to me.

I will take your advice though. I’m also going to unburn everything. Thank you!

It may seem strange, but I’d say to continue as normal. Then I think the things that you may have forgotten or worsened over time will become apparent. So you will know what needed more review.

Also as @Q-P said, listening with out subs etc.!


This was my main problem ever since quarantine started and only just snapped back a couple weeks ago. Ok so when the lock down started, my routine just changed 180 degrees, completely abandoned Japanese and any sort of productive activities and resorted to games and social media. so I eventually got sick of it and decided to disconnect from the internet for as long as it takes to basically reset my use of the internet.

so I stopped using the internet completely for about 3 days and yea, this is all it took for me to then construct a solid studying schedule for my academic studies AND Japanese that actually sticks. its been about 2 weeks now and I’m going strong (mainly focusing on grammar, listening and reading currently). I recommend this internet-detox method to anyone with a similar problem :slight_smile:

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That’s great that you remember them! But spread out how you work through your pile of reviews over a week or so, depending on how many you have. Remember that whatever you do now shows up later when you have a bigger workload. If you have 800 reviews and you decided to do them all in a day, somewhere down the line you’re going to get hit with several hundred old reviews at once in addition to new reviews from recent lessons.

Same with unburning stuff-- spread it out so it doesn’t bury you later. (I would only unburn stuff I was shaky on. You can also use stuff like the Wanikani Burn Reviews script and review them on your dashboard when you have extra time.)

Good luck!

Yeah, internet detox is great. I’ve had to self-impose a news quarantine. I’m satisfied that the death rates are going up, that my dumb country can’t handle the virus, and that I know how it’s spread and can do my best to stay safe. But I kept doomscrolling through Twitter, such that my probable stomach ulcer will kill me long before the virus gets me.


Just dive back in. It might be a little painful at first but it’s really not that bad.

This is actually the best advice. I took Japanese in a classroom for nearly 3 years. I then didn’t study any at all for two. I’m coming back to WK to brush up on kanji as I go through other material for grammar and vocabulary lessons so that it all comes pretty much naturally together and the amount that I have remembered just by going back to “business as usual” is pretty surprising.

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