Item level on reviews page

A truly small thing:

I sometimes confuse a character I learned within the past few levels with another than I learned much earlier.

The item info section for each character doesn’t indicate what level it is (or when it was unlocked).

After answering incorrectly and exposing the item info, it would be nice to know how long ago it was added to my reviews.

Definitely not urgent, just a thought.

Sorry for the tardiness, only seen this 15 minutes ago.

Thanks to @Sinyaven’s great tool, this was actually quite quick

It has no wkof dependency, though the icon might be slow to appear, so that might change later



It’s not enough of a concern for me to install a script, but I do think it should be official behavior (in the item info section, of course, not while you’re being quizzed).

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The funniest part of the whole thing is that wk actually sends over the level when you open up the item info panel. I actually use the exact same endpoint here. It’s just not being drawn at all. Realized this while writing WICS.

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I feel like there is a good reason not to create too much meta on WK, or at least not to rely on it during reviews. :eyes: After all, it’s all to easy too learn a WK-specific way of answering reviews (knowing which items belong to a specific level or batch of lessons you did is on the top of my mind here as a guide in how to answer items belonging to that review batch).

I find that this is a bit like a training wheel for recollection really. it’s helpful for completing reviews, but how about when encountering items in the wild? Then, you definitely can’t rely on this sort of meta. You just need to know to distinguish between visually similar kanji on your own. :eyes:

Just some thoughts.


I agree with this, actually.

But I’ve definitely had occasions where it took me a silly number of reviews to realize I was confusing two characters that were taught quite a distance apart.

() (level 55) and (ぐん) (level 51) immediately comes to mind (though those are closer together than other examples that don’t immediately come to mind).

WK levels are meaningless in the real world, but they are a decent proxy for “this isn’t the character you just learned a week or so ago”.

Finally, this isn’t for relying on it during reviews. I don’t want ANY metadata while performing the review. I want it after clicking on “item info” (or hitting “f”) after answering incorrectly, especially when I’m baffled by missing something I thought I knew.


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