It'd be great if WK had a Time-Turner function

There are some times when it’s already late, but an important review is coming up in an hour. Going to bed now means pushing back leveling up by a day, but staying up means messing up your sleep pattern. It would be great if WK gave you a button where you could jump forward by an hour, and then after that it resets. Obviously overuse would be detrimental, so perhaps you only get one push a week!

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Is that such a bad thing though?
In the grand scheme, 1 day over the course of Learning the kanji is pretty insignificant.

Also consider the timing on the SRS as the minimum time you should wait to practice again, a little extra time won’t impact your progress negatively.


True. Leveling up is a bad example, I prefer taking on new levels in the morning when my brain is fresh. Moreso when there’s a clump of reviews that would be nice to get out of the way that day.


It just means you’re not being consistent with your review and lesson times. If you did them at the same time everyday, you would get all your reviews at that time.

For the record, I’m all over the place with my review times. 1800 and 22-2300 seem to be my current trend.

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If you want to go the fastest speed (levelling up in 6 days 20 hours), the WaniKani SRS system is not ideal.

For example, you wake up on Monday at 8 in the morning and do new radical lessons:

Day Hour SRS Level
Mon 08:00 Apprentice 1 of radicals
Mon 12:00 Apprentice 2 of radicals
Mon 20:00 Apprentice 3 of radicals
Tue 19:00 Apprentice 4 of radicals
Thu 18:00 Guru 1 of radicals and do your second batch of kanji to Apprentice 1
Thu 22:00 Apprentice 2 of kanji
Fri 06:00 Apprentice 3 of kanji
Sat 05:00 Apprentice 4 of kanji
Mon 04:00 Guru 1 of kanji and level-up

However, WaniKani does not encourage you to do a full-speed run. You can just do your lessons and reviews when you feel up to it (meaning you feel refreshed and your brain can learn). This will mean that you level-up every 7 or 8 days (or even longer), but will be better for your kanji retention in the future.


not suggesting you do this…but I have noticed when I travel and sometimes I need to force the clock to set correctly, I’ll flip the clock to manual and change the time manually by an hour or two (by changing the time zone)… and WK is sometimes confused…reviews do shift!

maybe give that a try …but with great power comes great responsibility!

of course if you use that computer for any remote access/vpn/etc…the clock is super important for accurate sync of encryption keys …so make sure you put it back to auto sync or you might lock yourself out of things…