iTalki general speaking practice thread

I do get corrections but maybe when I struggle to find the correct expression. My fave tutor is very good at conversation (keeps it flowing) and listens patiently but doesn’t correct me mid speech too often. So I guess it changes (sometimes during speech, sometimes after I’ve finished talking). I haven’t tried the community yet.

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  • I tried several teachers then narrowed it down to 2. For the JLPT, I prefer professionals with a detailed lesson structure. If the details aren’t written I’d like to hear their teaching method. I don’t have a good study habit so this is extremely important as well as budget and the time that they’re available.
  • For any language, I do prefer talking with a native when it comes to test preparation but for casual conversation, it doesn’t matter. I use HelloTalk for casual stuff. Ultimately, I think it depends on your goals.
  • I was nervous but I have been having lessons with one tutor since last year so I’m more comfortable.
  • It only takes a few lessons to become comfortable. I wasn’t fearful, just nervous because I’d never done classes on the internet before and I had also wondered about the credibility of the site (because it’s the internet lol). After remembering a YouTuber called Kemushi talking about the site, I think I decided to give it a try. Thank God it checked out.