It has been 19 days. When will we get the summary page back?

You can’t say you don’t care and at the same time enter every thread mentioning the summary page just to bag on people lol. Put down the sword mr knight


Oof. That was bad.

I don’t need a sword while that giant “L” is holding you down.

While we’re at it I miss the little checkmark with the amount of lessons done, while working through a pile of lessons. I guess that’s part of the less obvious stuff that also got taken away with sessions


Same for me, I´ve spent about 7- 9 days for each level for the last few levels, but it has gotten harder to do my reviews since all the changes have been really demotivating for me. I have been on this level for over a month now…

I think my biggest issue is the loss of trust though. I have always viewed WaniKani positively, despite it´s flaws.
After the disaster that their big update was and how poorly they handled it, my opinion of WK tanked pretty hard. Sadly I don´t believe that we will get the summary page back at all. In the last few months they have taken away several features that the majority wanted back and so far we got nothing but a promise that they might replace the summary page with something else and words like こんにちは and おはよう clogging up our reviews.

A year ago I wouldn´t have been bothered by Kana-vocab that much. A year ago I would have believed their promise of cool new features and bringing back the summary page. But I´ve come to realize that promises are pretty much all they ever give. Seeing how sites like Kitsun or Bunpro handle feedback and feature requests makes it almost embarassing that a site with multiple times the userbase (and presumably money) can´t give us anything resembling a road map.

EtoEto was also a feature (or rather a site) that was promised and then people rarely got any updates about it until it was recently confirmed in a Reply-Tweet on Twitter that it´s development has been stopped for some time. I fear the summary page will get the same treatment. Promise us a replacement, give very few to no updates, draw it out until most people forget it was even a thing and silently kill it. I really hope I´m wrong about this but if they manage to hold out a year or so the majority of people will either not know that this feature ever existed or have gotten used to the inferior experience and stop demanding it´s comeback.

I really don´t like talking so badly about a site that has been so helpful for me in the past and I don´t believe that the team is inherently bad and just wants to milk the users dry, but man is it currently hard to give them the benefit of the doubt :frowning:


Oh man! I had forgotten about TextFugu and EtoEto! I think you are right, given the track record, Wanikani went strong far longer than expected huh?


Yep…it’s over…Wankani is getting ready to become terrible. How can we live with this the way it is?

I find it amazing how so many have said they were going to quit because of the changes. That is those peoples choice. We had a saying in the Army that is very fitting…Embrace the Suck. If something is not to your liking you sometimes have to embrace it and deal with it because you can’t change it. The company made the decision to make some changes. The changes they made to the back end is for the much better going forward. It cleaned up a bunch of pieced together code and made it more streamlined as well. It allowes them to make changes and improvements going forward. The drawback is that some features had to be removed. They have said they are looking at a way to bring some of them back. Even if they don’t, it is their choice. We can choose to stay and deal with the changes or leave and find something else.

Sometimes we just have to say FIDO…(F’ It, Drive On)


I do think that some people here are not completely reasonable in their demands/expectations but we’re paying customers, not enrolled in the armed forces. I’m absolutely not going to “embrace the suck” for a product I purchased and neither should you.

If WaniKani wants to enroll me into a Japanese bootcamp and pay me for the trouble, that would be a different story…


Just missed my performance again because of this and see no way to go back and check. Extra Study says one recent mistake, but I definitely missed more than one in that session. For the longest time I just thought the site was broken, but I guess this is… intentional? Between this and being forced to accept kana-only speedbumps I’ve very quickly gone from someone who enthusiastically recommends WK to first-years to looking into other options that I can guarantee won’t routinely pull the rug out from under anyone halfway through learning one system’s names and mnemonics.


Yeah, not in so many words, I think Wanikani has lost the plot. I’m seeing a lot of big ideas without big design or big QA. Wanikani was cool because it did one thing and did it well. The thing that it did isn’t perfect, but if you went in with the right expectations it basically did what it said on the package. Now it doesn’t know what it wants to be.




FTFY :stuck_out_tongue:

Because, as the title says, it has been 19 days since then. And it will always be 19 days, no matter how much time passes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


For me the removal of that page + the disabling of the reviews API that let third party scripts give you detailed stats means that I’m completely blind to my performance and the general trends, which in turn makes it harder to adjust my routine.

I don’t understand how the WaniKani team couldn’t implement basic statistics when a free tool like Anki gives you this completely for free:

I guess Anki’s sqlite database outperforms whatever WaniKani uses?


I think I heard that text


You guys played yourselves. So if they ever add the summary page again, they can say they fixed it in a mere 19 days.


Somehow I’m not too scared of this prospect. :melting_face:


Ugh, don’t remind me of all the features a free app like Anki has that Wanikani doesn’t support natively. Sure, there are 3rd party tools that can achieve the same but…

Not anymore since the API is OOS. The scripts that still work can only use local data and won’t work across devices. It’s a shame really.


Well, to be completely fair, Anki works locally, the cloud mechanism is only for syncing. Of course, computing some statistics for a single user with a local database is going to be more performant than a bunch of API and DB servers (that have to communicate with each other, unless they’re the same server, but I doubt it) having to serve thousands of users. That’s not a matter of sqlite outperforming MySQL or PostgreSQL, which it doesn’t.


Except that there’s no “multiplayer” aspect to WaniKani, so technically they could store an individual sqlite file for every user since there’s no cross-referencing needed.

Of course that wouldn’t necessarily be a good solution, just a thought experiment to show that if the perfs drop for a simple, read-only query targeting only one user at a time it just means that their DB is poorly designed, period.

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Even if you did that (which wouldn’t be a good solution for various reasons), the server itself only has limited capacity for disk I/O, and you can’t reasonably spin up a different server for every user.

I agree that the problem should be solvable (e.g. by partitioning tables by user IDs), but comparing it to an app that runs on the client is missing the point IMHO.