Issues with second guessing myself

This is an interesting thing i’ve noticed lately, and maybe it’s a bias and not actually happening as consistently as I think it does, but this is a typical example.

  • New review.
  • Something instantly pops into my head (lets say A).
  • Thinks for a second, and decide to answer something else (lets say B).
  • Wrong answer, correct answer was A.

Does anyone else gets those at least semi consistently?


Ugh. Yes. >>

And I do the same with my leeches.

“I always get this one wrong. …and I always think it’s A. …so then it must be …B, right? GDI IT WAS A!

And then a leech went from a real leech to a perceived leech, but that still keeps it just as leechy! :exploding_head:


Yeah I just stopped using leech addons at this point because I don’t want to worry about this stuff anymore.

If I get slowed down by leeches, then so be it.

I still have the addon that tells me which SRS level this or that item is and I’m also considering ditching that one because it’s giving me informations I shouldn’t need.


Sometimes it happens, but thankfully not too much, I’m usually right though, and when I’m wrong, well both answers were wrong anyway lol

That’s the best case scenario hehe. I want nothing more than being completely wrong on items that need to be trained :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep…and usually on Enlightened items…

I have the same! My leeches often transform from making the same mistake every time to remembering that it is not what I always think it is, so when I finally actually learn the correct answer, I always assume that I’m wrong even though I’m not.
However, I usually solve this by creating a new mnemonic, so that I don’t keep falling for the same old one that has been broken by that problem. It’s a bit of a workaround, but after doing that I usually get the answers right.


Ooh, I’ll try that when I inevitably run into one of those again. XD Thanks!

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Yes. A lot.



Little voice telling you wrong answer claiming to be the right answer?! That’s my thing!


Oh my days yes, and I think it’s getting worse and worse. Partly because of the leech issue mentioned by others, but I definitely do this to myself with burn reviews and everything.


Yes, the little voice. Not sure who it is. :scream:

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We need another combination of animals, half dolphin, half dragon to be the villain and wanikani’s enemy.

Dolgon role is to hinder your wanikani learning. Then we can go like

-“Dolgon spoke to me while I was doing reviews and gave me the wrong answer.”


It doesn’t really work in Japanese though. :thinking:

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海豚竜 and we just pretend It’s read “dolgon”. Have a better idea of two animals to combine and turn into kaijuu?


i personally recommend dropping this addon, i also used to use it but there’s definitely a trap to fall into with thinking “oh i just learned this so the reading should be fresh hmmm” or “oh i thought this looked like one i just got but it says master? let me think a second then”

maybe others have more control over themselves but i definitely think im better off having dropped it


Oh my goodness, the way you described it is exactly what I do! I’m glad I’m not the only one…

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No you are right, my intent initially was to use it to remind me to take a bit more time to think about enlightened items rather than failing to burn them due to impatience. But it has the result that you describe.

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