Issue with the confirmation of kanji readings

I don’t know if I’m just doing something wrong, but when I was doing the lessons for the Level 1 kanji, whenever I got to (ジュウ) my keyboard would always snap to ジユウ and the app would register it as being incorrect.

I understand there’s a difference between ユ and ュ but is it really big enough to not let me get the answer right? Even then, the app would never switch to ュ so I wasn’t able to complete the level until I just straight up copy and pasted the answer after 5 tries.

Here’s a photo of it

If I run into this again how can I make my keyboard go to the lower one? Or do I just need to copy and paste the answer again?

Thanks in advance

To confirm, which of the following are you typing in?

  • jiyuu
  • jyuu
  • juu

In this case, they basically result in different words. じゆう is a word meaning “freedom” and じゅう means “ten” (among other things).

As mentioned above, it’s just a matter of typing the combined kana correctly. The kana table (indicated with a ひ on the review screen, lists all the ways to type the individual kana.


In that case I was using juu. Tried doing the lessons on my pc instead of my phone and realized that theres different prompts on pc that explain the difference in typing it out.

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Keep in mind that all the apps are third party, so they won’t be exactly the same as the website.

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