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Route A, Scene 5


Another science dump. Again, I just hope this turns out to be relevant somehow. I think the prologue mentioned that the relationship between the original Setsuna and Rinne was frowned upon because they were close relatives and risked having children with rare genetic diseases…so I guess it might pop up again in that context. But was it really necessary to make me sit through my entire 9th grade biology curriculum again?

Not really sold on Karen x Setsuna yet. Sometimes I feel a bit of chemistry between them…but then the heavy-handed lewd stuff ruins it again.


Chapter title: 口を閉ざす

Thoughts up to Save 9

I don’t have too much to say on this route yet. I should probably take more screenshots while I read so I can remember talking points :sweat_smile: I am glad that this one seems to be more focused on the mystery stuff rather than it being another romance route. It would have felt very weird if the MC tried to romance Sara.

The scene where we break into Kuon’s room was interesting. I wasn’t expecting her room to look like that. I don’t think they mentioned what all the books were for? I am guessing she is studying something related to the disease she has or maybe it will be time travel related since she’s talked about it before.

Looking forward to learning more about the fires and what really happened with Sara’s parents and her friend. Hoping it isn’t something that gets put off until a different route :stuck_out_tongue:

With the Flowers Automne club starting soon, I may take a small break once that starts to focus on that. I’m about a month ahead of the Island schedule so I don’t think I’ll fall behind but thought I’d mention something in case I don’t post in this thread again this month


I was thinking about doing exactly the same :smiley: I’m very close to be done with the second route (I’m guessing some time this week!) so looks like a perfect timing to take a break from ISLAND and focus on Automne instead :slight_smile:


I’m still here! Way behind you. I though I was almost done with the prologue - I was wrong. Sigh… I’ll try to stick with the schedule posted in the thread, but no promises!


All good. It’s a club where everyone can go at their own pace after all, and we’re not even done with the time period meant for the prologue yet.





Route A, Scene 6

I didn’t quite manage to read this in one sitting, but I hope it’s nearly over and not too early to comment, because I need to go to bed :bed:…man, this was some of the weirdest dialogue I’ve ever read. I feel like there were some pretty good ideas there, but it was executed so weirdly it never quite came together for me. I think the moment this first lost me was when Karen kissed Setsuna and he makes such a big deal out of it despite the fact that he’s been kissing and groping her constantly since they’re very first scene together. And then she tells him she’s about to be forced into an unwanted marriage and his reaction is to get all jealous and angry because he sees this as the “normal” life he’d love to have. Wtf, dude. In the part of the scene where Sara comes in, she’s kind of unreasonable, too, but at least there are understandable reasons for it and it’s kind of wrapped up and explained at the end. But Setsuna is just weird. I don’t get him at all, his emotional reactions feel all random and all over the place to me and I can’t tell if it’s intentional or incompetence by the author.

New reaction picture of the week:


Finished the second route!

Those are thoughts that I wrote while playing, so it spans the whole route, probably best to only read it when you’re done with the route too. Maybe it would be a better format for having a discussion, to just post while I play and not wait a month :see_no_evil: I’ll try that for the next route.

Thoughts on the second route

Interesting how 枢都 wanted to adopt Sara (Sara’s route) and to marry Kuon (releaved in Karen’s route). He really really wants the other two families to disappear, wow.

Didn’t really enjoy the scene about Sara in a nightgown and underwear talks yawn

O.M.G Kuon’s bedroom O_O Worse than I could have imagined!
The curtains tapped make sense to block the sunlight because of her disease, but it was also mentioned several times that she can see everything that happens on the beach?

Ah, I was wondering what would Setsuna find that is plot related in Sara’s place.
Very cute picture wow.
And… doesn’t the dad look just like Setsuna? :o is he the person that Sara has already met from the future?? very intrigued to know where this will be going

Oops… Now guess what’s my daughter’s name… Hadn’t imagined that a chicken could be called that too :x

… or is it a chicken? Wow, マーヤ might have a bigger role after all.

END 『三人目のタイムトラベラー』
Went for the bad ending there, but kind of regret it, wow that was dark. I think I will go for the true ending and will keep the bad endings for when the main routes are completed.

By the way funny how all the scenes in Sara’s route are only exactly one kanji long:

Could this be a refrence to The Girl who went back to time?? Or a coincidence? Or do Japanese people associate going back in time to the smell of lavender for some reason?

Wow I’m happy that they did catch the sea snake! Though I was for some reason expecting something much bigger? :joy:
But in Karen’s route, I was really excited about visiting the old station, they even had the key, and then boom it vanished. So I was anticipating that the sea snake would not be caught and the story would go somewhere else too. Thus a nice surprise!

Please say no… Please say no…!

I love it when it looks like we are on our way to get some things explained! I feel like I can read much longer when it’s like that, unlike when I find the content boring.

Oh, well now we know why her name is that!
Pretty sure that explains what has happened to Rinne then when she disappeared. She was in the hut by the water for a while, because she was sick or suspected to be sick…?

OMG this Chapter.
I’m Maria.
OK no I’m just Sara.
No listen here’s proof that I’m Maria.
Nope, proof again that just Sara.
Wait again, Maria again!
and I don’t really like that theory, especially as I’m convinced that Setsuna is Sara’s dad, so he would be her lover first/after? His daughters’??? :confused:


Haha, sorry, this scene is supposed to be very dramatic, but when Sara just made this face I thought she looked too much like the Pikachu surprised face XD

Oh no, here we go again…
I’m Maria…
I’m not…
You are…
You are not…
You are…

→ the end

Wow that was a lot to absorb. And still so much unanswered. Even in the end, when Setsuna asks her about all the unanswered things, she just says “Is it necessary to know everything?”
Anyway, very intense route and very different from Karen’s. I was definitely entertained and enjoyed the reading.
Still hoping that the last route brings more answers though! And starting to doubt that any real time traveling will happen, but let’s see… :smiley:

Now time for a small break for me, going to play Flowers Automne before coming back for the last route, probably in a month!


Still not done with the prologue, and now I’m officially behind the schedule. I know that a couple of you are already done with one or two of the main routes, but are there any other than me still reading the prologue or the start of the first route?


I am at the end of the prologue as well, don’t worry :slight_smile: . The schedule is really just for reference, take your time.

Also sorry I haven’t posted anything yet! It’s been some busy weeks and when I’m done at the end of the day I just want to go sleep :smile: . But I’ll come back when I’m done with the prologue soon and write down my thoughts, then hopefully I can reserve some time to write about the routes as I go.


Wow… That was … I don’t even know what to say…

I reached the end of the prologue and chose to watch over Rinne, rather than going to the beach. Have any of you done that? I don’t want to spoil it for anybody, but…

Yeah. A short “bad” ending, that wasn’t really bad after all.

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Yep I’ve done that and pretty sure @Boodil too!
I thought it was hilarious, that going to the beach is the “right” thing to do. And also thought it was a very sweet ending, for a bad ending. So all in all very fun to run into!

I agree

Yes, how can something so wrong be the right thing to do… I think most players going in blind without a guide would make that choice first, which makes it even sweeter. Nope, not a bad ending.

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I went back to the beginning of the prologue, using the guide, and looked for the bad endings I didn’t find the first time I went through it.

I don’t think this is even there the first time. I can’t remember getting that choice. Wonder what you have to do later in the game to get this one to appear?


I don’t know how to make it appear but I agree, I noticed too that it came up, when I did exactly like you, restarted the prologue to now follow a guide. So probably it’s unlocked after the prologue is played once!

In total agreement

Yeah, I thought the same thing. I absolutely couldn’t make myself take the option the first time around. I mean, what kind of choice is that??

Kuon: Please promise me you’ll look after my daughter.
Setsuna: Sorry, gotta go swimming with my homies :beach_umbrella:


I have finally made it to where the prologue is officially done and I get to choose if I want to go with route A, B or C:

Karen, let’s go!


By the way, I found a walkthrough that lists more endings than the ones listed in the beginning of this thread.

This is my first VN so I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m loving it so far!

By the way, I found out how to switch between window mode and full screen mode: F11! I read in full screen for a few minutes, then switch to window mode and check Textractor and the Texthooker page, rinse and repeat. In window mode, the window is a little too small, and in full screen, I don’t see the Texthooker page. Really happy that I can easily switch between them!


Nice tip thanks!!
Super nice that you’re enjoying this VN and VNs in general :grin:
I’m looking forward to coming back to it!

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This is exactly where I am right now in the VN. And yes, I agree, I also wish we could have seen more!


I’m not sure how old this game is, but reading the scene where Setsuna calls Karen’s home, and has to talk with her father before he gets to talk to Karen, this whole thing brings back memories. Oh, the days before everyone had their own cell phone and you never knew who would pick up the phone…

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They mention the date several times so it’s not a secret but I’ll put it in spoiler just in case: August 1999
Yeah I totally get what you mean :grin: or you even had to go and knock on people’s doors!

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