ISLAND 🏝 (Visual Novel Book Club) [ongoing]

Nice :slight_smile: I am doing that too, it works great for this VN, so if you run into any problem setting it up let me know!

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I tried to set up Textractor as well, but can’t get it to create a functioning hook. All the options I get in the dropdown menu after connecting the game are just gibberish.
Also, does anyone know how to get the game into window mode? I found it as an ingame menu option when I switched to English, but it switched back into fullscreen mode after I turned it back to Japanese, and I can’t find the option in the Japanese menu.


This VN has been on my radar for a while, though I don’t think I’ll actually join for the club. I’ll admit that it kind of bugs me when the main character isn’t voiced, but mostly I just don’t have time right now to commit to a VN in Japanese. Hopefully I’ll have time later this year, so I’ll follow this topic just to see what you all think. I’ve never actually played a VN in Japanese either, just Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0 in English (and after having seen the anime), so playing this would be a new experience for me.


Can’t help you with this one, I did the exact same thing :rofl: and then didn’t want to reswitch language and redownload to see what was the windowed option, so I’ve played in fullscreen the whole time

This one I can help with. What has worked consistently for me is to make sure to grab the very first characters or the sentence, the rest matters a bit less.

The exact step by step: (I’ll include it in the first post as well)

  • Open Textractor
  • Open ISLAND, if you have attached it to ISLAND before it connects automatically, otherwise I believe the step was to pick “Attach to game” and choose ISLAND.exe in the list of running programs
  • Load your game
  • After the first sentence is loaded, in Textractor, click Search for hooks
  • Say OK
  • Choose Search for specific text
  • Write down exactly the first characters, for example here it is: “「ったく、” and the 「 is important too, and OK

  • Takes a bit less than 10s and they are found
  • Go through the list, few of them will be perfect, few of them have some artifacts like this:
    If this is the case you can just switch to another one, they don’t disappear.

Now I haven’t had any success with saving those hooks and reusing them when I reload the game, so I just do that every time. Maybe someone will chime in with a way to do it. Though the way I do it doesn’t feel tedious to me, because I also have the text from the previous session saved so I can just copy paste the last sentence I played.

To have the text saved, you can have Texthooker open and the addon Lap Clipboard Inserter – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) (Firefox) and Textractor set up with Copy to Clipboard. When you activate Clipboard inserter, everything you copy in your clipboard, comes in texthooker.
Now don’t be me, and turn off Clipboard inserter when you stop playing and do things like putting passwords in your clipboard from a password manager :joy:


Fair enough, it’s a big time commitment, even with the loose schedule.

Cool! I’m also super curious to see how other people like it too. And how I like it myself actually, once I’ve completed it!

Nice :slight_smile: It’s my first one in Japanese too, and I had read that it was a good one for beginners VN wise. I think I agree with that, because it’s pretty chill and straightforward, so it’s not much harder than reading a novel (just much longer :grimacing:)


If you go under the system settings, there will be a setting to change it to windowed mode there. You will have to restart the game after changing the setting for it to take effect though.

That is odd. My texthooks pop up every time I load the game without having to do a text search. Maybe the difference is between the dlsite version vs the steam version? In my experience, the steam version of VNs can sometimes have texthook issues like that. I think we had a similar issue in the 9-nine club where people had to search for the hook every time on the steam version but the deluxe version on dlsite didn’t have that issue.


Thank you, everyone, for your advice so far. Switching to window mode worked just fine by following your clue to choose the 3rd option from the top (turned out that my problem with the system menu was that it…uh…doesn’t have any text on my system, but clicking blindly worked just fine).

I’ll try @Akashelia’s hint for the hooks in the next couple of days, when I got time.


Where did you get it ?


Is your system locale set to Japanese? Some visual novels have issues when it isn’t set to Japanese, I wonder if that caused the issue there.

Here is the link: ISLAND [フロントウイング] | DLsite PCソフト


Ah now I remember that I had the same problem as @Boodil, that’s why I hadn’t gotten it done. Thanks for describing how to do it I will add that to the first post!

Like you mean for the whole windows computer? Mine is not set to Japanese indeed


Yeah. I’m not sure how much it changes on your computer, I’ve had my system locale set to Japanese even before I was learning the language since a lot of fan translated games back in the day wouldn’t work if your locale was set to anything else.

Under settings on Textractor, there is an option to launch with JP locale. I’ve never tested it myself so I don’t know how well it works but could try that if you run into that type of issue again.


I think I’ll buy it at the next big sale on Steam (beginning on March 14th).


Welcome everyone!
I am super excited to start Island again (I played up to the end of the first route last year).
I have added two polls to the first post. You can update them multiple time and use them to mark where you are right now in the VN, and which routes you have completed.

I was also thinking that we could use the Flowchart when we post our thoughts / questions about the game.
If it’s easy enough for you, add a screenshot of the flowchart, otherwise if possible write the title of the section and maybe around which percentage on the Flowchart bar it is situated.
I have included a template that you can copy paste before making a post. (this is just a suggestion / guideline, other things are fine, just be careful not to post spoilers for other readers)

Also sometimes the Flowchart is not accessible, when the menu looks like this:
(this is the very first screen when you start the game)

But otherwise if you press Esc, the menu appears and you can choose Flowchart

So your post you look something like this, where I suggest we blur the image attached to the Flowchart, or just post without it:

Prologue - early thoughs

Flowchart position:
with hidden image:

with no image:

(section title もう一度、好きになってあげて)

Let me know what you think, and if we agree on something simple, I can also put a template in the first post so it’s easy to copy paste.

Again, there is no set pace, so just go for it and enjoy the reading :slight_smile:

Enough talk now, time to play, have fun on the ISLAND! :desert_island: :smiley:


Sounds good! I’d recommend adding what choice number you’ve made it up to so far too in the post before posting the flowchart only because without clicking on the flowchart you wouldn’t be sure if its a spoiler or not for you. I’m using the Seiya guide (warning: potential NSFW ads on the site) and it has save points for choices that change the ending you get. Maybe could use that as reference along with the flowchart image? Like for example

Thoughts up to save 1

Blurred flowchart image here
Thoughts here


With only one day left before the official start, I tried to get Textractor working for about an hour last night, but couldn’t get a hook even with the search function. But today it worked on the first try for some reason. So it looks like I’m all set :palm_tree: :desert_island:.


Good idea too :slight_smile:
Will add this and a version of this guide to the first post!

Phew! Was just about to offer to help you via Discord otherwise. I’ve had very few instances where it wouldn’t work for me, then moving on to the next sentence usually fixed it, or else restarting the game. But really it happened maybe 5 times out of a 100, so from my experience it’s pretty stable.
Happy reading :smiley:


Excited to start this :slight_smile: . I kind of regret not getting it when it was on sale previously, ended up waiting for the spring sale as well while reading 徒花異譚, but it looks like I’ll finish it today by the looks of it. I’m not sure if it will be on sale before the big ones, but I’ll be joining soon enough anyway, two weeks max c:


Nice! I’m excited about the sale too. I got an email yesterday that 4 things on Steam from my wishlist were on Sale so I also checked Island, but not yet!


Hehe, same. I was thinking of getting something short for the period between finishing Adabana and starting ISLAND, and saw that Planetarian is 3 EUR right now. It’s something like ~60k characters and has a nice score so I’ll probably read that in between. There’s a Capcom sale at the moment with some interesting things like the Ace Attorney games with great prices, both the original trilogy and the newer games (packed in one game), but those are way too long for this purpose right now for me. It’s probably safe to assume they will drop to the same price anyway though, as per SteamDB, so getting them now is not a priority either. My wishlist keeps growing over time, so many nice things to play/read :joy: .


Haha I know the feeling! I’ve already bought so many things on sale and haven’t played any :see_no_evil: so now that I can finally play in Japanese, I think that after ISLAND I might keep going and go through all the bought VNs!
What about you, I feel like I’ve always only seen you in the VN threads, do you read / watch other content in Japanese, or only VNs?