ISLAND 🏝 (Visual Novel Book Club) [ongoing]

No save points, but there are choices. We could use the choices (or the scene numbers) as a guide to where we are in the story I guess.

I also liked Rinne more than Karen and Sara in the prologue and in Sara’s and Karen’s routes. Really looking forward to finding out what all the mysteries are all about!


Yeah, that’s the plan. I’m nearly caught up with all my other clubs, and I got 2 weeks before my next trip here with my own computer where Textractor suddenly started working perfectly again. So I hope I can finish Karen’s route at least.


Well I’m ahead of all of you guys (girls?) but still not finished! I don’t think it ever ends :eyes:
All my estimations have been wrong so far, so take this one with a grain of salt too, but I think that maybe, possibly, in theory, there must be only like 50k-100k char left. I’ll update with my final character count when I’ve reached the end :slight_smile: (so far at 825k but I played twice the prologue and counted it so you could say 715k)
(I’m still enjoying it but clearly wasn’t expecting that it would be that long :hot_face: )


Oh wow, it’s looking like it will be much longer than what jpdp has! Usually jpdb is off by like 5-15k characters for me for whatever reason but haven’t seen it this far off before.

Do the character names get extracted to your texthook page? When I first started the VN, whoever was speaking would have their name at the start of the text so I filtered that out. Wonder if that’s the difference between the two?


Could it be that jpdb didn’t count all the bad endings? There are quite a few bad endings and they add up. Not by that much though…

I just did the bad ending in save slot 13. Going to go back and continue towards the bad ending in save slot 14. I do like to play the bad endings as I go, and finish with a complete flow chart!


Actually it could be a bit inflated, when I started I didn’t manage to hook super well, resulting in extra noise like this:

or like this:

But I got the hang of it pretty quickly (and was reading only 1k a day at the beginning) so I don’t think it explains it all :thinking: I don’t have the name of the people talking or anything anymore. And pretty sure I observed that stuff like 「…………」 counts as 0 character.

The character count might be off but at least, in game, the flowchart has always been a reliable indication of how far you are from the end of the route!

But I haven’t played most of them :thinking: we’ll see! Interesting that you are getting more info from the bad endings :slight_smile:

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Then I can pretend that I have played more than you! :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:



Haha, yep, that is the proof :grin:


I think I’m around the halfway point in Rinne’s route or at least the first run of her route.Chapter title: ……………………………………

Thoughts so far

I feel like each route has been better than the last so far. I always liked Rinne the most so I am a little biased there but it feels like she has the best romantic chemistry with the MC out of all the characters.

I think the humor in this route has been better so far too, the scenes with the Setsuna points had me laughing a lot.

As far as the mystery goes, especially with how things have played out in other routes, I can’t really trust what anyone is saying until everything is actually revealed. Rinne’s story about her past with Setsuna seemed believable but then at the same time, they dropped that she’s most likely actually 23 and has forgotten the past 5 years. Makes me wonder if everything she told us actually happened or if it was just a long dream she had. Guess I’ll find out at some point but for now, the scenes with Rinne have been nice.

Rinne's route reply

Totally :joy:

This part blew me a way a bit, we were casually in a slice of life scene when they dropped the information, was not expecting that at all.


21.000 characters today. I just couldn’t stop reading! I was able to finish Sara’s route. So many mysteries, so many more things to uncover…

Yup, I agree.

I can’t wait to start reading Rinne’s story tomorrow! And hopefully learn more about what’s really going on!


Finally!!! I finished the main route! :smiley: my character count is 841.652, without the prologue that I replayed, it is then 735000.
Well, there might be more, I’m not sure, since technically I only just finished one more route, not the whole game. I still have 8 other endings that I haven’t unlocked. Will start working on that and update with the character count whenever it’s done!
I also have a lot of thoughts about the game, I’m collecting them on a text file and will make a big post at some point. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll try to separate the spoilery things from the non spoilery things, otherwise it might be a while before anyone can read them :sweat_smile:
Good luck everyone, it’s looooong, so I hope that you enjoy the journey!


I’m enjoying it, and I’m glad that I know it’s long! I want to be finished, but I also want to keep reading…

Please post your thoughts with spoiler tags! I don’t mind spoilers at all, but others might. I would love to discuss the game more!

Do you feel like you have all the answers now? Or are there still some mysteries to unlock?

Do you have character counts for each route? I’m about to start Rinne’s route and I would love to know about how long it will be!


If you really, really, really want to know now, then from the start of Rinne’s route to her ending unlocked, my count says 396.000 characters :grimacing:



Thank you! Now I know what to expect!


Hey guys!
I just started reading ISLAND along from the start.

How are you doing?
Did you repeat the story with different “routes”? Or were you satisfied with your first ending?

In case of my first VN in Japanese, Aokana, I only read it properly the first time (translating and noting down everything).
Other routes were also interesting, but I just skimmed through them. I couldn’t bother translating MC’s inner thoughts which have no voice. Also MC’s thoughts tends to have more complex words with non-常用漢字 I found.


Welcome to ISLAND!! :desert_island:

Yes I played all the routes :slight_smile: with ISLAND, there is a route that is blocked unless you have completed the other routes. Technically you could leave it at one route and move on, which can be fine if you don’t mind that there are still a lot of things unanswered.

Speaking of which

Hm I feel like pretty much, but not 100%. Though not sure yet if it’s me who needs time to wrap my head around things, or things I missed, or some things are unsaid / still need to be discovered. For now I will try to unlock all the content by myself, and then I will go around the interweb and look at people’s explanations / speculations probably, hope that I find some :slight_smile:


Welcome to Island :desert_island:

There’s a prologue that’s the same for all the routes, and then they fork out into 3 different routes. You have to play the first two to start the third one. I played the prologue and route 1, then I went straight to the point where they diverge and played route 2. I didn’t play the prologue again.

I just started route 3, and I have to say that I’m hooked now. There are so many unanswered questions after route 1 and 2, and I certainly want to know more!


Yeah that’s very nice with this VN, there is a flowchart, and you can just click on wherever and start from there again :slight_smile: didn’t have the hassle of having to save at specific points to replay a different choice

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@Akashelia , congrats on your completion!

@KaiserFranz , welcome to the Island! Glad I’m not the only one lagging behind now. Feel free to take your time :grin: .