ISLAND 🏝 (Visual Novel Book Club) [ongoing]

I just finished scene 8 and started scene 9.

The interlude between the two scenes…

The red background, the comments about a revolution and the world falling apart, and that it would be better if Setsuna just kept sleeping… I wonder what that was all about!

In the beginning of scene 9, I got a few choices.

Now my flowchart looks like this! Very different from yours. I think I’ll have to go back and re-do some of the choices later and see what happens.

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I made it past the choices and got an interesting scene. I also went back and did the bad ending.

How do we count the scenes after the choices? What scene am I on now?

@Boodil have you gone past the choices yet? I don’t want to say too much or show too much and ruin it for you!

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Nah, I spent nearly the entire last week camping, so no progress. And now I need to solve my texthooker problems first before I can get started again, so thank you for masking spoilers. I don’t now yet how long it’s going to take me to get started and catch up again unfortunately.


I guess just count vertically, taking the shortest path. Like the difference choices lead you both to scene 8, 8a and 8b


I think the scene before the choices was scene 9, so let’s call the choices scene 10. Scene 11 is the first scene in the vertical line below the choices. That means that I’m currently on scene 12.

And if I look at your flowchart, then the whole route is 17 scenes.

Do you remember if the last few scenes are long? I feel like we have covered so much now. Don’t know how much more can be revealed! I guess I’ll find out as I go along!

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Yes I remember but I almost don’t want to tell you, are you sure you don’t want to just find out by yourself?
Don’t stress yourself too much about when you finish route A, schedule or whatnot, enjoy the reading :grin: (or course if you insist I’m willing to tell you, I just think you’ll enjoy it even more if you don’t know before going in. I think it’s one of the beauty of the format. Think of when you read a book. You can see how many pages are in your hands, 150 more to go, but they announce the culprit has been found. Hmm for sure there’s more to it because the book is not yet finished. But if you didn’t know how many pages there are to go, wouldn’t that be a pretty cool surprise?)


Thank you! OK, I’ll try not to be too impatient. Try!

You’re probably right. And yes, I’ll try to not stress about the schedule. I do want to finish this, and I know I won’t be able to do so by the end of July. Guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride!


You’re going at a great pace already, plenty enough to enjoy the story :slight_smile: and the more you read, the more you will be able to read a bit faster!

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How are you doing with the final route? Are you happy with how everything is explained? Have you had some surprises along the way? (no spoilers please, if you can avoid it!)

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Hehe yes, I’m loving it! Quite a few reveals already, some things are explained, some got more confusing lol. To quote Sestuna:
I think I’m only half way or something, so hopefully more will be explained!
If you want a funny anecdote: (I don’t think it’s a spoiler but just in case I’ve added tags if you don’t want to know anything about that yet) remember the CD that he was hiding this body behind in the first scene? he finally remembers about it and ask to have it. When the officer hands it to him, I got so excited I actually clapped my hands and everything :smile:

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Hehe, I have been wondering about that. Glad to hear that he remembers in the final route!

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I just finished Route B today. I’m so sorry I have been so absent you guys :sob: :sob: I had so many things I had to take care of these recent months, change of schedules, and so on. I kept reading thinking “I should update… tomorrow” and here I am.

I’ll try to properly read the thread and wrap up my thoughts so far if I can tomorrow, then hopefully I can post normally for Route C. Enjoying the game a lot so far by the way :+1: .


I’m so glad that you’re here reading with us!


Another 5000 characters read today, and I reached a new scene. If scene 11 is the first one after the choices then I’m on scene 13 now.

Setsuna and Karen, lost on the ocean, trying to escape the island. Wonder where they’ll end up (my best guess is that they’ll soon be on the research station! We’ll see…

I read all the choices and the bad ending inside the choices. The big difference between the bad ending and the rest of the choices is that Setsuna told Karen that he loved her. And when Karen’s father came over, she hid behind Setsuna. In the bad ending, Karen had to face her father by herself, without Setsuna. I can’t stop thinking about how that one small choice changes the whole rest of the story…


So close to the sea station, but still not inside…And how did they get back to the island? Both this time and earlier, when they swam out there and almost drowned?

The police to the rescue again…

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I don’t remember :sweat_smile: I don’t remember if it’s explained later or if I just didn’t think about it!

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Checking in with everybody :smiley:

@rikaiwisdom I still hope you will post your thoughts, very curious!

@Boodil have you found a way to play again?

@AzusaChan are you coming back to ISLAND when you will be done with Automne?

As for me I think I’m maybe only one week away to finish the last route…! Couldn’t be more excited, I started this thing almost one year ago :joy: (so compared to me you are going very fast @Marifly :smiley: )


I’m having so much fun with Island! Not dropping it any time soon. Not sure how long it will take me though. Shorter than a year, but longer than the schedule in the club.

I might change my mind later, but for now I want to play to 100% completion. I’m a completionist by heart, and it would bug me to no end if I come to the “end” and it’s only 90% done…

How about you, @Akashelia? Do you plan to play to 100% complete? Or will you stop after the last route?


100% for sure :smiley: many reasons, I’m enjoying it, and also because I’m a bit of a completionist too and because I also see it as studying = improving my Japanese.
I also couldn’t resist and bought the soundtrack on Steam one day where it was on sale, so whenever I’m all done with it I can still listen to the soundtrack from time to time and feel nostalgic :face_holding_back_tears: