Is WK down?

I just leveled up the other day and wanted to see if I could get my badge to switch earlier than it usually does, so I (like an idiot) logged out of WaniKani and then when I tried to log back in I got this:
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 1.42.04 PM
Um I’m already signed up? I paid money and everything? I literally just finished a batch of reviews? So WK isn’t working for me either.

Luckily I got to the preview website and was able to access my reviews and the forums from there, but I’m effectively locked out of the actual website. Tsurukame is syncing perfectly, and I can obviously get to the forums, so what’s going on?

(I also don’t want to try resetting my password because I don’t want to mess up Tsurukame)

Edit: When I tried it on Google Chrome it works? But it still isn’t working on my usual browser (Brave)?

Just did a 1 hour review session, no issues for me.

Location: Costa Rica GMT - 6

Sorry. Noticing this now. Looking into it.


Still got this problem, cannot open from my laptop, but opens well from my phone. Please look into it soon. I even changed my password :expressionless:.

Ok. We rolled back some changes. You should be able to log in now.

We are working to figure out what changes we made caused this. Really sorry for the trouble.


Working now for me. Thanks!

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Same boat as @BigEm. I could not log on to the main site and the forums at all, hence could not respond to this thread. Sent an email to hello@wanikani. Hopefully that email (and maybe a few others from various concerned subscribers) caught one of the team members’ eye.

Whew! Was really worried that I will have to tackle a 100+ review tomorrow morning! Glad to have read this thread and was able to take one of the suggestions to try the preview site.

Just tried the regular WK site and it is back working normally. Thanks for looking into this! Who’s a relieved and grateful WKer?

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Same here! Any device I’m not already logged in on won’t let me log in. Really hope they can fix everything soon.

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Hi @jalwood1, they already have. It should be back up and running now. I just received an email from the Ninjaneer himself. Try the main site again and let us know here as it should be working. :slightly_smiling_face: I have been unable to access the forums since I logged off hours ago but I have the ability again just now.

edit - hello fellow member of the Death levels and fellow level 22! :nerd_face:


We rolled back some changes moments ago. You should be able to login now. Is this now the case for you?


Sorry for taking so long to get back to you both! All seems fine now. Thank you!

Hello to you too! :cowboy_hat_face:
Here’s to a speedy jounrey to hell to warm these old dead bones :fire: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Was able to log in just now. Cheers!


I don’t know if this is just me, but there’s a problem accessing WK on safari (iPad Pro, iOS 13)

Same problem on the preview site.

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I can’t access via Chrome on PC either.

Same here with Chrome on PC

Looks like it’s down.

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Chrome on a MacBook Air:

Any ideas @viet?


Anyone have flaming durtles?

I do. It can’t sync.