Is WaniKani suited for not native English people?

A couple of things. As a fellow non-native but Swedish WK user that’s made it to lv 60 before. I think it’s a valid concern to say that not all mnemonics that work in English, also works for non-native users. That being said, I also feel that not all mnemonics works for all people, period. At the end of the day, whether something helps you learn or not is individual and I think most long-term users tend to start making their own mnemonics suitable for their cultural references and knowledge in their own language as well as in Japanese as they go. Having the WK mnenomics as a baseline/default is great, but the more effort you put into things, the more likely you are to memorize things. :slight_smile:

I also think you’ll rely less and less on the mnemonics as you progress. For one, you’ll learn how to guess the reading due to the presence of radicals that denote reading in themselves. That happens both by itself but is also vastly helped if you install a userscript like the Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition that helps you identify when kanji reuse the same reading due to radical components.

Another tip is that as the upper level items become increasingly specific in meaning, you might wanna start generously add synonyms in German, like I did but in Swedish. It’s not hard to learn an English flower name or juridical term short-term, but to remember that exact name or phrase in English months later for the burn-reveiw, that’s when my memory falls short. At the end of the day, I’m not here to learn English, but Japanese, so as long as you understand the meaning, it doesn’t matter if you use German for some items.

As you go along, you’ll get better at identifying which items might help get a German synonym and where it’s not necessary. But, generally speaking, words that you have a very vague feeling/understanding about in English is not a great foundation to build meaning understanding - better to just fall back on your native language in those cases and be generous with those user synonyms.

Finally, I think a huge part of the user-base on WK are non-native English speakers. Lots of people before you have gotten to lv 60 even so. If your English is truly terrible, this might not be the tool for you, but just from reading your comment, I’d say you’ll have no problem completing WK as long as you keep doing lessons and reviews.