Is WaniKani banned in China?

I am soon going to motherland China and I know that they ban a lot of websites there, do I need a VPN to access Wanikani?


There have been several Chinese users as well as non-Chinese users in China on these forums, so I would assume not. They could, however, have been using VPNs for all I know.


You can check online if a certain site is blocked.
Unfortunately, according to these sites WaniKani is blocked:

Although according to these sites it is accessible.

I know from experience this one is very accurate:

It seems it should work, but you better ask someone local to check.


Considering the non-existing state of privacy in China, I wouldn’t even go near it without 2 or 3 VPN services prepared (in case one doesn’t work).


For good measure:


User:Plantron is now banned in China !



Are we getting ourselves banned in China?

Something about the recent events in Hong Kong that is political enough to get me banned in China, but not political enough to get me in trouble with WK


There are no transparent rules about which sites are banned in the PRC. They just ban you without providing any reasoning. And then maybe they un-ban you without providing any reasoning either. The whole system is opaque, and you can’t appeal to anybody to get your site un-banned.

The NBA got banned because one rogue team owner tweeted something vaguely pro-democracy in Hong Kong. The whole NBA, not just the Houston Rockets.

PRC government does not even have to do all the dirty work of censorship. Private companies happily censor themselves and their customers. Blizzard banned an online gamer for 12 months for similar reasons as the NBA. Among many images that have been banned: Winnie the Pooh, Tank Man, yellow rubber ducks, empty chairs, horses, river crabs, certain alcoholic beverages, playing cards, candles, the letter “n”. It’s pretty arbitrary.

Interestingly it seems to be a blanket ban, as my website also seems to be blocked (and I doubt it’s on their radar :laughing: ).


Quite a few sites are banned in China. I had some homework where I had to read a few articles online (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) which were all banned. On top of that, I couldn’t get Google. Depending on the length of time you’ll be there, it’s probably best to spring for a VPN.


I was in China couple weeks ago. I was using WK from my phone (the tsurakame -app). I don’t remember if it also worked from my computer, but I think it did. I think the hotel wifi was configured to HK ip address though.

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