Is Two Grammar Resources Too Much?

TL;DR: Is using two grammar resources at the same time a bad idea? What’s your opinion?

I’ve been using Genki, and going very slowly because I’ve been memorizing the vocab for each chapter before I start working on the chapter. I discovered a resource for grammar called Bunpro that uses SRS for teaching grammar points, and I like SRS a lot. Would my Genki studies be negatively impacted by using Bunpro, in your opinion?

I would say that multiple resources isn’t a bad idea, since you can get multiple perspectives on things.

At the same time… I wouldn’t really call Bunpro a grammar resource on its own. It’s a supplementary tool to maintain your grammar knowledge through SRS. You still have to go learn the grammar points elsewhere, and they usually include links to do that within the app.


There’s actually a Genki path in Bunpro that you can follow. The chances of Bunpro harming your grammar study I think is luckily close to zero, since you can follow the curriculum of your textbook very closely if you want to.


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In my experience, working with multiple resources, particularly early on, was quite helpful with trying to wrap my head around things. Everyone has a different approach and a different explanation style so when you can put a few of them together you can have a more complete perspective.


文プロ is specifically designed to help you commit everything you learn in Genki (and more) to long-term memory. It’s not a platform for teaching, it’s a platform for reviewing and retaining :slight_smile:


I have to say I had a severe sense of deja vu there for a second when I found and read this thread :joy:

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Not at all, except for time commitments.

I used two grammar resources simultaneously at about the N3 level. Afterward I just stuck to one, though. (With outside reading, listening, etc.)

Bunpro is, a stated above, more of a review tool, so you don’t have to worry about conflicting lessons there. If you like it and have time for it, by all means, use it alongside other resources.

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