Is Tofugu Dead?

Now that’s a good cheese!

Please say this is true!


Seriously though I think there is a good reason why it was kept under wraps and, kidding aside, I respect the silence regarding this issue.

And regarding @zvandervort, yeah I kinda miss getting the email about new articles especially the new study materials they find. :slightly_frowning_face:


Who is anon20839864??

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Former staff member named Kristen, who abruptly disappeared, and whose profile was also removed from the forums for good measure (i.e. which rendered her username here as anon20839864). The extra step of removing her from the forums was… unusual, and caused all manner of speculation.



So, uh, it turns out there was a glitch in the website code and the old WK Discourse bot somehow developed a personality, consciousness, and was able to both interact with the community and write posts for Tofugu. The server was rebooted and the rogue code purged from the RAM, so that explains the mass hallucination you all have been experiencing over the last number of years. You will not speak of this. You will not tell your family. You will go home, go to bed, and resume your normal daily life tomorrow morning.


Sorry, @Belthazar


I’ve been with WaniKani on and off since it was beta testing. I was an on and off user though (hence I never reached level 60 lol) and I never knew about all of this… but now I feel quite sad and a little nostalgic that a lot has changed.

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I hope you decide to use WaniKani… it seems you still haven’t reached even Level 4. Now, it will be a lot better, but if you do want to be here, there’s no better time!

Please don’t let another year pass before you post again!


Oh I reached level 10 before. Haha but then when I started burning stuff and they stopped appearing, I felt like I was forgetting them. This is my third restart lol HAHAHA I need to use them so I won’t forget :frowning:

WaniKani is so far the best kanji learning app I found. And that’s saying something since I was with WaniKani since 2015-04-02 (1862 days ago). HAHA

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