Is this sentence ok?

Hey guys

If I want to say Mary said that her mother is good at cooking Is it ok to do it like this。。。


I am not sure if it is ok to use the particle はTwo times like i am doing on this sentence, i thought about saying メアリーさんのお母さんは But then it would be as if Mary’s mother said that and not her.

What do you think?


I mean, if you want to make it clearer that the second は is not part of this sentence, but a quotation within it, you could just use quotation brackets 「」, but I don’t think that’s critical.

It could use some a comma or two though, Japanese is rarely comma-less for more than 10 or 15 characters in a row.



I would use が in place of the first は

That’s entirely dependent on the rest of the surrounding context of the sentence, which we don’t know.

What kind of context?

I see, great, thanks man!

Whether or not Mary is already being talked about in the conversation. That’s the fundamental は vs. が difference.

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