Is this regional dialect? suffix/word ending 'のイ'

Hi everyone,

I’ve been hunting online for help deciphering the following:

「あののイ、小母」(context is a child going into a geta/clop shop and calling out to the shop owner about his friend who needs new clogs).


「こいつのイ…」(context referring to his friend who needs new geta/clogs).

It’s the のイ part I can’t find any reference to anywhere. I think it’s a regional dialect ending or phrase but I can’t find anything.


The only reference I find for のい associated with dialect (Kagoshima dialect) is this word

which is a deformed 糊, a glue, is it relevant?



Thanks so much for the reply. I can’t see any link to glue I’m afraid. I’ve found another example in the text:


Why are they sticking a weird イon the end?! Very frustrating.

I’ve just found this.

I think that the イ may simply be there to strengthen the assertion, and has been changed from い to イ to strengthen the statement further.

What do others think?

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