Is this gibberish?

I don’t think this says anything but I’m not sure

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I would take the katakana to be Samantha (サマンサー)

If the first character is 力 (the seam doesn’t help), then the rest is つかれ / 疲れ (tired, fatigued)

(I’m presuming the three lines at the end are emphatic lines rather than a strange ミ)


I wanna say that it’s supposed to say おつかれ、サマンサー. “Good work, Samantha” but the first character doesn’t really look like an お so…

Edit: Actually now that I look at the first character and really try to make it look like an お it is possible to see it as one so it is おつかれ


I googled for some more details. It’s a meme of sorts - it’s essentially a portmanteau of お疲れさま and サマンサ―. Supposedly it first appeared in Japan when the American TV series Bewitched was aired there, since the main character’s name is Samantha, but it popped back into the parlance when Satoru Gojo delivered the line in Jujutsu Kaisen. No idea what the context was (haven’t seen it), but basically it’s this guy:


And looking at the edge of that image above now…


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