Is this a common thing?

I find that the first review after learning a new batch of kanji + vocab tends to go really really averagely. Like I butcher it in a bad way and have a little panic like “is this the point where I stop being able to remember things?”. But by the second or third review things are going fine again and balance is restored. Anyone else have this first review dread?


Not really dread but I tend to fuck up my first reviews (dont know why, I do pay a lot of attention during lessons) and then ignore the mistake.

On my second try on the evening I always nail them and never have a problem.

At this point I feel like I have to get it wrong in the beginning for my brain to recognize it as a new word and to memorize it lol

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I think that getting more than usual wrong the first time you review them is totally normal :slightly_smiling_face:


It is a very common thing. Actually, I need to do something after lessons or else my accuracy in 1st review would be :poop:

In the results page (after lessons), I review all items once again to myself. I say the meaning and reading out loud until I feel comfortable identifying them all.

With this 5min trick, instead of getting a :poop: 65% accuracy, I get 100%, every time. :v:


sometimes it takes them a few rounds to stick. there’s some that are really difficult for some reason, and then there’s some easy ones you pick up the first time you see them. don’t worry.


I have yet to fail a single review. I’ll let you know when it comes up.


Not only have I never failed a single review, for every correct item, a crisp 100 United States Dollar bill arrives in my mailbox courtesy of the US Treasury Department.


I’m so jealous of you guys… I’ve never gotten an item right :sob:


Yes, it’s normal, and even desirable. If you think about it, what you’re doing is narrowing down the field, letting the easy ones pass so you can focus on the hard ones. Instead of having to guess which ones are going to be hard or wasting time studying all of them, hard or not, it tells you (when you fail some).

SRS is all about efficiency of your time. If you “cheat” and study extra in between reviews, well, you’ve spent time studying. Instead, you wait until you prove you need to spend that time by failing and only spend it on those failed items. You might say that failing costs you time, but it doesn’t cost you work time. It only costs you level-up speed, which is not what SRS is trying to be efficient about.


I mean, I’ve made so many mistakes that it kinda doesn’t even phase me at this point. It’s usually annoying more than anything. Especially if I missed a burn because of it.

As for first reviews, I never really was that nervous or anything when reviewing new material the first time. Worst thing that can happen is you don’t get it right and have to review a couple hours latter.


If everyone always remembered everything from just looking at it once then WK wouldn’t exist (as there would be no point to the SRS system). Don’t fret.

My view is that if I don’t remember it then I obviously need more reviews before it will eventually stick.


Wait, we’re supposed to review the items we learn?


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