Is there I way to mark items as "known"?

I’m coming back to Wanikani after a long while away. I reset my progress because I didn’t recall a lot of things at the level where I was at. Now I’m realizing how much I actually do remember and it’s not letting me progress fast enough to get where I need to be for weeks. Is there I way I can manually move myself forward to where I want?

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No, there is none. The best thing you can do is enjoy the slow ride, while it lasts, and do some other learning in the meantime, for example reading something or doing grammar study.


I guess that’s not so bad. It’s great that I can still go through everything and review it all manually while I wait for SRS to catch up.

Join the club, my friend. We can get irritated at ベッドの下 together.


Probably a bit of a blessing in disguise, since alot of radicals has changed names, kanji new allowed phrases etc. While it can be a bit slow and sucky in the beginning you’ll probably end up better off, with alot less leeches.


I did the same thing a while ago. Reset to level 1 for the same reason. In retrospect, I think it’s better to go through extra study to go through your burnt items and resurrect them as needed.

Also, I’m surprised someone hasn’t made a userscript to do this, i.e. an “I know this button” script. There are userscripts to resurrect burnt items, so presumably the interface/ability exists for scripts to change item SRS states.

God I wish. This site wouldn’t be the chore it is if it had a feature like that.


You can resurrect items manually in the website.

You can’t just change an SRS level as you please.

You could skip it in your reviews, but you’re just automatically inputting the correct answer so it moves up, not really modifying it in any way.

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Userscripts don’t do anything magical, other than making API calls to the WaniKani web API or interacting with the app directly. There is no feature allowing moving an item up in SRS stages so userscripts can’t do that.

I mean if anything just have a script that when the item you know comes up it automatically enters correctly.

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