Is there any way to speed wanikani up?

like pressing f to show the answer takes like 5 seconds some time, there’s a lot of inefficiencies

I’ve noticed that going to a different page, like the Dashboard or the Reviews page sometimes takes a few attempts, because the first time I click it loads indefinitely. And then I lose connection for no reason on occasion. WaniKani does seem slower than usual.

You can buy and pay for new servers for them. 

However, lately especially with the Japanese side of answers, I hit enter and it takes like 5 seconds before it turns green or red, and I’ve checked everything on my end and it’s not me.

sometimes it still shows the loading logo while the answer is just barley visible. i figure this is a problem with the client side and therefore it can be modified

Syphus said... You can buy and pay for new servers for them.
 With all those lifetime members though... :3

This bothers me too.  After clicking the “show answer” button I give up after 5 or 6 seconds and click next :P 

the info could be preloaded. Yes, there would be cheaters, but they would only be cheating themselves.

I have been using the rikaikun addon instead for when I just cannot remember the reading or meaning right after I’ve gotten it wrong. It usually provides me enough of a hint for me to remember without having to wait for the info to load. Maybe it would work for you?

Ah, thought this was only me, figured maybe it was an issue with an extensions I was using or something.

TIL WK has keyboard shortcuts.

yeah i’ve been having this problem too, it’s really annoying. sometimes it works if i just press f twice to close it and reopen it, but usually i just have to continue and hope it works the next time the item comes around and i inevitably get it wrong again.